Hi! I found this forum when I Googled "how to dress a fat rectangle" and came across an old post from 9 years ago. Of course that post is a bit out of date now so I'm making a similar post to get more recent advice.

My measurements (roughly 47-42-48) say I'm a rectangle, but I don't really fit the description of a rectangle. I have a 42DDD bust and a big bottom and big thighs. But my torso is so short there is basically no room for a waist, and what little waist definition I have disappears when I gain weight. I am 5'1.

I'm attaching a few photos of me. The last one (in the swimsuit) is from 6 years ago when I was about 60-70 pounds lighter, maybe it can help visualize what body type lies under all the lumps.

I usually wear skinny pants because other pants make me look like a box. Despite having a short torso, I don't have long legs, so it's hard to find straight or wide pants that don't make my legs look almost as wide as they are long. Unfortunately I'm aware skinny pants make my top and lower halves look disproportionate.

Any advice is appreciated!

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