I wrote my first Style Goals post in January. I'm overdue for checking in! Now that my mind is working again, here goes:

01 – To keep my “Duchess Next Door” moniker in focus as a style guide: Skirts & dresses, pretty color, defined waist/fit and flare styling, earlier retro influence, and occasional touches of sportiness or boho as appropriate.

I want to consciously remember this more, but I don't think I've strayed outside it!

02 – To refocus on the fit-and-flare aesthetic.

Doing well on this. It's helped me stay focused, especially as I've lost some weight and certain styles look better than they used to.

03 – To achieve a shoe wardrobe of on-trend or classic options for all outfits, and no orphans.

My style is dress- and skirt-heavy, so shoes are an absolutely vital element of every single outfit. That's why I need a wide variety of styles and colors. I feel crippled in outfit creation when I'm lacking a certain type of shoe.

– Justify or purge all shoes I have now

I started but have not continued, due to some foot issues. I will look at them closely during my wardrobe edit.

– Wear heels on a regular basis to both work and church.

I'm making an effort, but I could do more.

– Train my eye to approve of oxfords/loafers with skirts & dresses, especially in the summer.

This is a No. I did not reach for my oxfords this summer; I scarcely reached for sneakers, and never with skirts. That's okay! I may keep trying with the oxfords I have this fall, but I will not invest in more oxfords or loafers.

– Identify and fill major holes.

I have done very well on this, though my wardrobe edit will show where I am. My navy capsule has done particularly well.

– Keep up with trends as I like them and they work for me.

Long term goal to keep in mind.

– Be more willing to return.

Working on that, though in practice it means I have not bought things I might have otherwise.

04 – To shop for and sew warm-weather dresses out of lighter, breathable materials.

Zero sewing, but successful otherwise. I have said No to a vast array of thin polyester dresses. The dresses I have bought were light knits, sleeveless, with fit-and-flare styling.

05 – To build a navy-based nautical capsule for spring and/or summer.

I haven't done much capsule building, but I have worn nautical looks shopped from my closet. So success!

– Embrace navy in accessories, more than in basics.

This has been SO important. It's helped me say No to navy basics that would become orphans, and it's why I've added good navy footwear.

- Go to town with white, and red, and mint color combinations, subbing in emerald, sky blue, and light denim.

Forgot about this one! It's been okay without it.

- Striped tops.

Hmm. I've worn my navy and white striped tops (short sleeve and long sleeve) regularly. The grass green and white striped top has gotten little wear. I need to work on styling it.

06 – To build a hot September capsule suitable for 95F+ degrees but in colors and styles inappropriate for high summer.

Very little progress on this. I've added a cognac handbag, but I've been using it daily since July. (Love it!) I haven't found the right cognac shoes at all, or a hat, and no clothing at all. At least this fall looks like it may be cooler than last year, whew!

07 – To swap out handbags four times a year instead of two.

I short-circuited this by buying a new handbag when I got tired of how my summer bag was wearing out so quickly. I may not want to swap again until it gets much colder. Emotional handbag user here...

08 – To wait on refreshing shorts and underclothing capsules until my slow weight loss is complete.

I had to buy denim shorts and don't regret it at ALL. I haven't worn my athletic skorts all summer! But I'm waiting on everything else.

09 – To stick to my budget.

Not really, but I know why!

10 – To purge the closet again in the fall.

On the docket for tomorrow!

I can rewrite many of these, but I think I will do that later. Most important to me are the reminders of what to focus on (fit and flare) and avoid (navy basics). Goals like handbag use or color combinations may be better for suggestions or challenges, for me, and not so much an actual style goal.