I've never really set style goals before, but I started jotting some down in response to Angie's post and just couldn't stop.

01 – To keep my “Duchess Next Door” moniker in focus as a style
guide. It’s easy to be swayed by pretty colors, a good fit, and sales. Duchess Kate in particular is good to keep in mind, since her public wardrobe includes elements that are important to me: Skirts & dresses, pretty color, defined waist/fit and flare styling, earlier retro influence, and occasional touches of sportiness or boho as appropriate.

02 – To refocus on the fit-and-flare aesthetic. It is both easiest and happiest for me. I have experimented with JFE and it's a good concept, just not my favorite at this point.

03 – To achieve a shoe wardrobe of on-trend or classic options for all outfits, and no orphans. Shoes are very important to my style. Unlike other wardrobe items they're relatively easy to fit, and are correspondingly one of the easiest and best ways to stay up to date. So I need to be rigorous in choosing and keeping them.

– Justify or purge all shoes I have now, per Staysfit’s shoe test. Some shoes can be made more comfortable, and some will always be a struggle to style.

– Wear heels on a regular basis to both work and church. I have too many pretty pairs that I simply forget to wear. And I will have purged the truly uncomfortable or ill-fitting ones.

– Train my eye to approve of oxfords/loafers with skirts & dresses. Or at least to try! It's a versatile style that I simply still have trouble with. I recently purchased some very pretty, shiny rose gold oxfords. If I can't make them work with summer dresses, I will not invest more in oxfords and loafers. I can wear the ones I have infrequently with jeans.

– Identify and fill major holes. A variety of navy shoes fall into this category, as do some smart casual white shoes. I'm not good at predicting a hole until I'm aching for something to fill it, though, and I don't know how to get better.

– Keep up with trends as I like them and they work for me. No backless/slipons, or platforms/flatforms. But nearly everything else goes.

– Be more willing to return. Unless a pair is extremely uncomfortable or clearly ill-fitting, I have a very hard time taking them back. That means I keep shoes that I instinctively know aren't the best choice, or will split wears... but FOMO is very strong.

04 – To shop for and sew warm-weather dresses out of lighter, breathable materials. My eShakti knit dresses are perfect for 3 seasons but too warm for 100 degrees in the shade. And other eShakti dresses are usually lined or a bear to iron. I do have a stash of fabrics I can use, though.

05 – To build a navy-based nautical capsule for spring and/or summer. I love the colors and the cool, fresh feel, but I'm absurdly self-conscious about looking like a flag. But Forever Amber isn't afraid of flag colors, and thoroughly embraces the nautical. I want to be like that!

– Embrace navy in accessories, more than in basics. I have a number of skirts and mostly navy dresses, and can struggle to style them because the overall effect is so dark. Instead, I really need shoes, and a variety of them! And then patterns that incorporate navy without being a solid dark block. I'm considering the two pairs of shoes in the find.

- Go to town with white, and red, and mint color combinations. Maybe emerald, since I just discovered it's AMAZING on me. Also sky blue, and maybe light denim, as long as it's not too faded or rumpled.

- Stripes. I bought a blue and white stripe tee last summer (see Find) and it revolutionized a couple existing skirt outfits. It's a classic pattern that doesn't look too busy even with another pattern. Now that I see the potential, I'm looking for more.

06 – To build a hot September capsule suitable for 95F+ degrees but in colors and styles inappropriate for high summer. I've talked about this one elsewhere. So far I still only have the black floral blouse, but I know what to look for. Accessories (handbag, hat, and high-vamp shoes) will be key to this look. I think I will also incorporate cognac leather here.

07 – To swap out handbags four times a year instead of two. It's a hassle, but a few more times invites variety without too much chaos.

08 – To wait on refreshing shorts and underclothing capsules until my slow weight loss is complete.

09 – To stick to my budget, both by appropriate increase and by restraint.

10 – To purge the closet again in the fall. It will be a year since the last time and I will be able to approach the maybes with a new focus.