Dear YLF ,
Thank you all for the warm welcome and boost after my last post.
I didn't want to bring the thread back to the front but Suz had asked me where the bag was from. It is from Le Chateau. It recently came to my attention that Le Chateau outlet on line can be a great and not expensive way to add items to your wardrobe.(only available in Canada, I'm afraid).
After an organized beginning the second week of dressing for work was all over the place. Not only there wasn't any kind of theme, I both wore a complete suit one day and wore the same navy pants twice.From the selection below you can't really tell because there is missing a magenta blazer I wore with the navy pants and white top, and a lavender cardigan I wore with the black top and black pants.
I got thinking what was really bothering me (besides the magenta making an entrance as if I am casting my own patronus ) and realized that it was both the extra time looking at my closet trying to find clothes and the fact that my bottoms feel all the same.
I have bought some pants with a wider leg cut but have failed to take them to be hemmed and, of course still have way too many things in my closet.
This got me thinking about the outfits that I make in my head (or in finds ) and at the end of the day I really don't wear. Most of the time that has to do with the bottoms.
Even in winter I really don't feel comfortable in most of the wool pants, Tweed skirts make me feel dowdy.
Acknowledging this make me donate at least 5 bottoms and a couple of tops that I had on hold 'just in case' I wanted to make the imagined outfit with the bottoms.
This week I will get my pants hemmed , promise.
I wonder how many people do this, imagine outfits and have them in the closet but never actually use them or when they do the reality falls short from what you imagined.
Thank you for reading .Hope you have a great week.