Hello dear YLF,
(sorry, this is long )
It's been some time since I posted here. I have been following the blog and looking at your marvelous selves in the forum but haven't been really participating.
Life has been very busy this past months. I had a promotion at work and have been adjusting to the new responsibilities, I joined a choir and have been also busy with rehearsals and performances.
As fun as this has been it was also stressful for some months and I am now resurfacing and finding my balanced self.
Wardrobe wise I have just been coping with it, adding things in sometimes a random way, trying to adjust to some weight gain due to a more sedentary life and thyroid issues.
This Victoria Day weekend I had finally the opportunity to go trough my closet and assess the situation.
Turns out that I have way too many clothes to be manageable and not enough proper work clothes, have a strange imaginary life where I pose for photos in exotic places all day long, are holding on to items for emotional reasons, not everything is the right size or sparks joy.
Plus, I have also to adjust my work wardrobe to my current position and my current fashion sensibilities.
One big donation bag has already left the house but I have to be ruthless and weed my closet some more.
So far I have been trying to make small weekly capsule wardrobes. Below is the one I used last week.
I will keep you updated on the progress.
Thank you for reading.