Read today's blog post and the comments for inspiration:

Shout outs to Beth, Janet, Murph 11, Kellygirl, FashIntern, Eliza, Kirstjen, Colette, RunCarla, Sara L, Suz, Gryffin, Deb, Christina F and April for being ahead of the curve. Well done, ladies!

I edited and reviewed a few weeks ago. It was fast because I edit very frequently. The pics show my camisoles, undies, socks/hose, gear and swimwear. Most of it is in a chest of drawers in our bedroom. The camisoles are on a shelf in the walk-in-wardrobe. Sleepwear and loungewear is too, but forgot to take a pic.

My drawers always look like this. I enjoy keeping things neat and organized, so it's habit.

Laura, I have not found the need to get drawer dividers because I have room, and don't mix socks with bras and knickers. My quantities work without the dividers in the drawers. See pics.

The numbers are PERSONAL. I travel a lot, air dry my goodies, and do laundry three times a week. These are the approximate quantities that work for me. They might not work for you:

  • 25 pairs of knickers
  • 8 to 10 bras (I love bras!)
  • 25 camisoles (I wear a camisole daily)
  • 2 sets of thermals
  • Loads of socks, footies, and knee-highs for different purposes. I do not walk barefoot.
  • 8 sets of pj's and lounge wear (4 sets for warm weather, and 4 sets for cold weather)
  • 3 sets of yoga outfits (I go three times a week, and it's all I need. I'm a gear minimalist )
  • 1 bikini and cover-up
  • ZERO old tees (don't wear them)

You have till the end of January to edit and review your Wardrobe Basics. Make a list of the items you need to replenish and fit them into your budget.

Please post a SEPARATE thread on the forum with your progress. DO NOT post the progress/challenges/solutions here.

Who is in? Good luck!