This sounds like fun. I'm excited.
We will learn so much about each other

I will try to remember to take pics. I am in Florida and have a small wardrobe with me. There will be many repeats.

I’m up for the challenge, as I am still figuring out my casualized work wardrobe. I am most “me” on the weekends, when jeans are part of the norm. I will need to remind myself to grab my handbags for the photos, as I do think they complete my outfits, but I rarely take photos with them. I keep my bags near the front door, to make sure I have everything I need and expedite a timely departure.
I really like the idea of doing this challenge seasonally. I the spring and summer I think I am even more Casual New England Polish and therefore more me.

i'm in....i always dress like me....but some outfits are just more me than others....

I'm with Scarlet! This time of year there's only so "me" I can be-aside from the odd warmer day. It's very rare that my pants outfits make me happy, but tights are so fussy Not sure there's any place where climate realism and "me" intersect.
Will take a raincheck for any week between May and October!
*or a ticket to a tropical island for a week-I'm not picky which one
Eta-per an earlier thread this is my designated "grumpy week"-can't winter just die already?

I'm in, I have a busy week ahead, so will revert to some fall back work outfits. The reason that they are my fall back outfits is because they make me feel like me, with minimal effort.

There is one thing that makes this very hard that I bet you won't like the sound of. My belly does not look or feel like me, even naked. I have no doubt that I can get rid of it, but I haven't been doing the work. 1.5 years ago, my Florida fall challenge felt like me, but the jeans I was wearing then don't fit me now, and neither does the puffy vest I bought then. The styles I like and my favorite pieces hang differently. I have some things that still feel "me" like, but they will feel even more like me once the look is back to that. So I'll do my best, and will explain what does and doesn't feel like me.

I have a better mirror now and may try this.

Very fun! I'm in. I have been thinking I need to post some of my favorite outfits and have you all help me define my style. This is the incentive I need to actually do it.

As far as dressing authentically, there are a lot of times I wear things that don't feel totally me. Sometimes it is a piece that I don't love but works with the rest of my wardrobe or I don't have all the elements I need to make the outfit perfect. I am trying to change that but it is a gradual process.

I'm going to try to participate! I'm working from home a lot this week so dressing has been mostly gear and quite unimpressive ultracasual outfits. I'll try to step it up next week.

I think I'll give it a try! This will be an interesting way to road test my new purchases...

I’m going to try to participate too. Thanks for the inspiration to be more thoughtful as I pack on Sunday.

I haven't figured out the WHY part for myself, so I'll be following closely!

YAY, ladies. Just manage what you can next week, and see what happens.

I'm excited to see what you come up with! Intrigued to hear your take and analysis on your signature styles or aspiring signature styles. Curious to hear the forum's reactions too. The challenge might uncover some very interesting and helpful thoughts.

YES to those who want to raincheck to their favourite season. All good.

Funny and very intersting! I will not participate (I hate taking pictures of myself, but, who knows, maybe in the future ...) but will follow with interest. Sometimes a certain thing feels "me" but I cannot explain why.

I feel fortunate that I can wear ‘me’ every day in a business casual environment. Though sometimes I wish I had a lifestyle that was a bit dressier. My husband rarely does dressy, so I try to find a balance between his smart casual and my dressier nature for dinners out. I was curious about what his favorite outfits of mine were ... I asked him this morning and he named my two favorite sheath dresses (warmer weather) and anything with jeans. Glad we’re in sync on this :).

I am the same as you Toban having a less dressy husband who in summer wants to wear shorts and jandals ( flip-flops) all the time. We managed to find pleather jandals which helped me feel a little better about that. I try to be a bit more casual for dinners out to suit him as well but usually throw a bit of sparkle in there somewhere. He does kindly often ask if he needs to wear long pants this time but I try not to impose my wishes on him too much, it needs to be give and take in a 32 year marriage I feel!

Good idea! I'll give it a try!

@JenniNZ - my husband is exactly the same. We just laugh that between my more dressy style and his casual, we sort of get the balance right. Married for 24 years, it is all good!

I’m in if I can find the time to take some pics! Life has been busy! I tend to wear my style faves daily, so it shouldn’t be hard.....

I will try for at least one day.

I'm in somewhat of a style transition, after many big life changes in the past few years. "New me" is not yet solid, but "old me" is not completely satisfying anymore. Not sure if I can come up with that many outfits that scream "new me" yet, but will give it a shot.

I can’t do a week of outfits but I might be able to do a few outfits on my second theme, which is very “me”. I will cheer everyone else on.

I just got back from a trip, where I was fairly unplugged, and am just seeing this. I love this idea, and will try to participate. I do admit that right now I'm not sure what is "me". Finding a weeks worth of "me" is tough at the best of times. And that makes me sad... even exploring the why of that will be worthwhile.

Wow! People are loving this challenge! I just want to say I’m looking at them all! It’s rockin’!

SOOOO IMPRESSED with the effort and progress of this challenge.