It seems that I am only capable of focusing on one subject at a time.

In the past, I honed my work wardrobe and was quite pleased with the result. But because work clothes took up 95 percent of my budget, my casual wardrobe suffered.

In the past couple of years I focused on building a casual capsule that made me feel well dressed and happy. I started buying knits and cardigans that were comfortable and cosy. Without conscious forethought, those pieces began to be incorporated into my work wardrobe. As a result, my work wardrobe began to look more and more casual. I suspected this was happening but rationalized these thoughts away.

Reviewing that WIW on Monday (ponte pants, longer cardigan, sneakers, chambray untucked shirt) made me realize I might have gone too far casual at work. It was a fun experiment and my casual wardrobe is now better than it has been in my entire life.

It is time to dial down casualization in the work place. I am going to dress more purposely in the morning on work days. I am going to pull out those blazers and button-down shirts. Sure, it won't be as comfortable (or fun), but it will be more appropriate.

My comment was more related to how quickly my casual wardrobe bled into my work wardrobe and how I tuned to blind eye to it.

Do I adore the casualization? Yes. Yes, I do. I just have to be conscious not to push the limits.