Hello! I’m new here; this is my first thread. It might possibly be a doozy so thanks for bearing with me.

I’m hoping for some insights into strategies for building and prioritizing capsules, specifically color-related capsules of clothing and accessories.

-Do you concentrate on building one color capsule at a time and getting it in good shape before moving on to the “next” one?

-Or do you add to multiple capsules here and there as you can and build them more slowly over time?

-How much is enough in a capsule? How do you know when you are “done”?

(I realize there are not really one-size-fits-all answers but I am interested in your data points.)

Some background that might help—

-I prefer my clothing variety in color, not silhouette.

-I have a high affinity for color and color mixing (including combinations that some might find clashy).

-I have a strong sense of what “my” colors are (e.g., plum but NOT royal purple; coral and ballet pink but NOT carnation pink; no brown ever) but resist the idea of a narrow color palette.

-Even so, I do not need all the things in all the colors.

-My goal is to build capsules with staying power, especially in terms of accessories – not so much to give a trend/new color a bash (nothing wrong with that, just not what I’m after here).

So I keep wondering:

-Do I focus on filling out capsules where I already have the largest number of items, especially in my “main” colors? (e.g., burgundy, plum, teal for fall)

-Or would I actually get more satisfaction from building smaller capsules of accent/wildcard colors that would help me create the strong color contrasts that I crave? (e.g., orange isn’t my color when it comes to clothing, but rust tights, a carnelian bead necklace, a vintage agate pendant would contrast well with those aforementioned burgundies, plums, and teals)

-Or should I invest more in building a collection of neutrals and basic jewelry? (Actually I know I need to do this to a degree – I don’t own, for example, a pair of simple silver hoops or go-with-everything gold stud earrings. But focusing entirely on basics really saps the fun. My inner Magpie Queen must be appeased!)

Now that I’ve typed out this whole novel I wonder if photos would help?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts! (Oh and feel free to point me to previous threads on this topic -- I did search but didn't immediately find anything that had a more theoretical bent.)