Thank you very much ladies.

Jenni, you should try... they are just so breezy and comfy.

So glad you posted to share your WIW's. Inspirational! Great showcase for fabulous footwear too!

You look so FAB! Your outfits are very inspirational.

Aww, thanks Carla and Harmonica

You rock the wide crops! All renditions are super and if you are twin with Angie in #1 we can be also twins in #3 (but I will wear gold loafers instead of red )
You are so lucky to find so many summer weight wide crops - I was not able to find any so far. I tried some in BR but they are no high waisted enough for me and ones from Gap just were not a good cut for me. I have Gap wide crop jeans but they are too thick for hot days.

I am traveling, thus my very late answer to your question. I am still loving them very much too. I didn't bring them on the 5 week trip, because I don't want to ruin them. I brought the metallic Eccos instead, because they elevate any outfit a bit when I have to look a bit more polished. Hm, now I must consider the blue ones as well, as a huge portion of my wardrobe is navy.

You wear them well, and I don't think it's easy to make JFE outfits out if them. I love #9 : the hem of the top, the heels, are flattering and the printed trousers somehow look lighter and more fluid than the others.

You look great in all the photos. And you mix and match colours in a gorgeous way.