I'm curious how many of you have shoes that you wear that are not really that comfortable. I mean I know *many* people here have admitted that some of their shoes aren't great "for more than four hours" or other similar statements. Sometimes we thought they would be comfortable, only later to learn they were not - including even some sneakers (navy leather ones in my case that feel weird on top when I walk very much in them), many booties, sandals, flats, heels, etc.

To me, if a shoe cannot be worn for the better part of a day, walking, climbing stairs, even running a short bit if needed, it is not deemed comfortable.

Are truly comfortable shoes merely a dream? Do most women who look stylish in their cool shoes simply deal with sore feet? I've tried hundreds of different styles, brands, etc. Various budget levels up to say $200.

I own two pair of booties (both were sold as "comfort" brands), several sneakers, several sandals, a couple pair of flats, some new flat oxfords and one pair of wedge heels. Out of those I'd say the sneakers (with one exception), the lowish heeled sandals and the wedge heels are the most comfortable. But I wouldn't run in the wedge heels. Both pair of booties are only okay, meaning I'd rather not keep them on all day, and I'd definitely prefer not to walk all day in them. Which leaves comfortable winter shoes miserably vacant in my wardrobe except for my NB leather sneaks, which are really more of a summer color.

The new flat oxfords are still a question as they are every so slightly snug feeling with socks, and just slightly rub the heel without socks, but I've only really worn them twice so far. I know it often takes some breaking in.

I *know* I am not the only one who wants comfort in their shoes, and I have a feeling many people (women in particular) are walking around in not very comfortable shoes in the quest for better style.

But maybe I'm wrong.