In my K/R thread today I discovered that the denim skirt is an opinion divider. I've experienced negative comments on that particular piece from friends, too. This puzzles me, because the fabric in itself is everywhere else - in jeans, obviously, but in also shirts, dresses, jackets and jumpsuits. Why is the denim skirt so difficult to like? Is int only this particular shape, (A-line with buttons), or the whole lot?

I'm not very fond of the denim pencil skirt, but I have a sugar eye for the A-line shape in denim. Recently I saw this one from AG by Alexa Chung, and loved it. But, being 46 and not 23 AND a high school teacher, I prefer a midi version, so that's what I've been tracking down.

Over to you: Do you like denim skirts? If you do, which style do you prefer? If you don't, why?