So, I have an Anthro discount code that's about to expire and while I don't particularly desperately need anything right now, I could maybe use a new pair of cropped, mid- to dark wash, not too stretchy jeans for spring/early summer. I perused Anthro's online jean selection and found these;color=093 which I found super cute in every way. Until I read that the *petite* size had an 11 inch rise. Now, I have the Everlane modern boyfriend which I honestly don't wear as often as I might because I find the 10 inch rise on those borderline uncomfortable and borderline unflattering, so I was curious. I pulled out the ol' tape measure and an 11 inch rise on me (I'm 5'2) is to the bottom of my rib cage.

Are we really meant to be wearing jeans up to our rib cages these days or do I just have wonky proportions? I mean, I guess the jeans I wore in the 80s were pretty high-rise but I don't remember them going that far above my navel. (But perhaps the lack of blood flow to my brain when I had to lie down to zip them has clouded my memories.) I don't know what the purpose of this post is other than to vent, but I am salty that if only those jeans had an 8 1/2 inch rise, I would be gladly forking over my 100 bucks to at least try them on.