Interesting, Marilyn -- thank you! Yes, I agree, they are a good fit. I took a chance on them because CoH jeans are a great fit on me across all the other styles I had tried. Best I've had, other than the Rag and Bone Dres (which are a BF style so quite different.)

Ginger, that is fascinating -- I'm off to jump down your rabbit hole!

K.M. -- yes! I wore those jeans/ pants in the 80s too. UGH. SOOOO uncomfortable.

Lyn, a "wedgie" is the feeling you get when your jeans (or undies) get..well, wedged or stuck in your bottom. With higher rises sometimes this crawling up feeling happens and you're always wanting to tug them down. So uncomfortable!

Suz, lol! The things we did for fashion...

I have an extremely long rise, despite being relatively short in stature. I find it quite a relief to find pants with what feels like a "normal" rise for me instead of those that are low enough that they threaten to expose things one might not want them to.

I remember the '80's and there were HIGH rises then. Rises that came to my ribs, which is saying quite a lot, as 10" rises don't strike me as "high" at all. Then things went way too far in the other direction threatening to show pubic hair if one did not wax. NEITHER is a good thing for the market to be saturated with. Indeed, regardless of the trends, because different body types exist, there will be people all for whatever rises are available. It is a shame that a certain body type cannot buy ANY pants one season and is inundated the next.

And one of the most popular Levi's styles right now is branded as the Wedgie Jean! To capture that 80s look you describe. I actually have a pair, but sized up to be loose, for a different retro look. Unfortunately they're not very flattering unless they're uncomfortably tight.

Another happy long-rise here. I can finally find jeans in which I can tuck without looking like a walking oversized brick as the long rise is finally hitting the narrowest point of my torso.

But if you are looking for fashionable jeans with a low rise - during the sales I noticed that Pepe Jeans is still offering quite a few low-rise jeans like these:
Not sure if these are available in brick and mortar stores in the US but I've seen them all over Europe (and on zalando).
Just checked - they've got an online shop that's delivering almost worldwide.

I have a pair of yeohlee pants with a high rise that would be uncomfortable in anything other than a soft jersey knit with a drawstring waist. I think they're 11 (or 13) in front and 13 (or 15) in the rear. They're obviously designed for someone rather tall, as they drag the floor if I'm in flats; however, the legs are so wide that if I'm wearing heels the fabric gets tangled on them. I generally use them for lounging, or going places where I know they won't get dirty dragging the ground (like mom's house, which hasn't let a speck of dirt hang around in it since around the time Moses parted the sea LOL)

I have a pair of fleece lined leggings with an even higher rise that are just ridiculous and I almost can't stand to wear them. Seriously, if I wore a longline bra, there would be overlap. They're like grampa pants on me. Even though the fabric is nice and soft, the elastic waist makes them annoying. I'm not sure who these leggings were designed for, since the legs aren't proportionally as long as the rise. I will wear them to stay warm, but generally only when my other options are in the laundry.

On the other hand, I am glad the new mid-rise pants are a little longer in the rise than they used to be. Low rise exposes my plumbers crack, and some of the old mid-rises came close.

I know that there are people out there who need a really really high rise, and there are people out there for whom a low rise is more like a mid. I just wish it weren't so hard to find the happy medium sometimes. Like, there's gajillions of different jeans out there, and I have to try on .999 of those gajillion options to find the right one.

Glad this thread is giving people a place to vent and also a place to share gratitude. It reminds me that I'm not the only one who has trouble finding pants that fit, so the problem isn't my body--it's the pants

This is an interesting thread and has had me tape measuring all my favourite jeans. I love Mother "The Looker" skinny jeans and love both my regular and high rise versions. However both hit me below my belly button and are super comfortable. I also have the AG Jodie flared crops and they sit below my belly button. I would not wear jeans above my natural waist. Anything above my natural waist is not comfortable. I did find when very low rise jeans were fashionable, that some would slide down when sitting and the whole 'plumbers crack' situation occurred. So for me, higher rise jeans are a blessing.

This thread is so interesting on so many levels. I learned a lot of new vocabulary too, including wedgie, short-waisted, short vs long, back vs front rise and "high-rise-lite". But, most importantly, I learned that some people are actually uncomfortable in high-rises and so now I get it why on forums and in discussion I so often heard people diss that style. I happen to be like vildy describes (at 5'3), and on me, low and mid-rises are more difficult. In the pic below I am wearing the "Rachel" (not the hair, but the jeans!; they boast a "classic" rise at 9 1/4.
Now I also get why I suffered in the 2000 decade! Now Andrea, I want those 11 rise jeans! Finally, a pair that would remotely look like deliberately high waisted on me.

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