I have been wanting some Frye boots or booties for a while. The time has come! I have learned that a long wished for and worked towards promotion at work is happening. ETA - Oh, the other good news is that I hired my first direct report a couple of weeks ago. I figured the promotion would soon follow, but it had to go through all the usual channels to be approved.

ALSO, in other good news, after months of looking, my husband got a sweet job offer. He was talking to this place for 4 months, so it's about time. He's a VP now, so I guess it takes a long time at that level... Anyway, his gift to himself is an iPad upgrade.

Anyway, I am leaning towards the white shooties because it's spring. But I've had my eye on the metallic ones for a long time. I have bone colored booties, but I think the shooties are different enough. I don't have metallic booties.

I was also looking at cowboy boots, but I'm not sure they're practical at all (https://www.zappos.com/p/frye-.....47/color/7 I refuse to make them a find)

Another question for people with experience with Frye - if I want to wear any kind insole with these, should I size up?

ETA Leaning towards off white shooties, for reasons described below thanks to firecracker. It is a totally emotional rather than practical reaction, as I do have these bone colored ones too, but I'm allowing myself an emotional purchase in this case. The metallic booties will be stalked for purchase down the road. I love them too but a little less for this time of year.