I was lucky enough to travel to Sydney and Melbourne for work last week. It was my first time in Australia and I loved every minute in those beautiful cities.

My week consisted of customer meetings and speaking at a tech conference. Everything fit in my carryon luggage. Outfits were as follows:
Plane rides there and back: leggings and a dress, sneakers. (They were VERY long travel days!)

Sunday for sightseeing around Sydney: black jeans and pink sweater with silver sneakers
Monday for conference rehearsal and one customer meeting: black jeans, white tie sleeves shirt and black flats
Tuesday for conference: navy slacks and white knit ruched top, blue brocade sandals, or as I referred to them in my talk, as I was about to do my fifth live software demo, “my lucky shoes!”
Wednesday for one customer meeting and lunch and shopping with a coworker: white culottes, blue top, white sweater, black flats. I wanted to wear my sandals but there was a chance of rain so practicality won over fashion. I think the sweater was gone by lunch time as the day turned pleasantly warm.
Thursday for a full day of customer meetings in Melbourne: navy slacks and floral shirt, black flats
Customer dinner that night: blue dress, turquoise shrug and blue sandals, with a coral necklace for a pop of color.

I had a fabulous time and want to go back and spend more time in Australia soon! My wardrobe worked well. I like to have mix and match options, so I could have swapped the blue top to wear with blue slacks and floral top with white slacks, e.g. I didn’t strictly need to change for the customer dinner, but I enjoyed having that option. The sweaters got warm only once each, but with spring weather it was hard to predict.

Thoughts or any ideas for improvement welcome!