Burgundy is a colour I think of as earthy sometimes, especially when it's got a spicy brown look to it. Like chili.

When it's redder, some call it "red", "cherry", "wine", or "berry". It was referred to as "ox-blood" back in my early days of the Rag Trade, some thirty years ago. Not a term I liked.

Some refer to it as a jewel tone, especially when it's more ruby, garnet or has a purple tinge to it.

All descriptions make sense to me! The devil is in the detail of the shade and tone.

Personally, I prefer a redder burgundy. I don't wear a lot of it - 7 solid items below and a pattern with burgundy in it - but enjoy what I have, which I remix with blues, sour reds, orange, shocking pink and white.

Compared to the rest of my colour palette, my burgundy DOES skew earthy (relatively).

Over to you. Do you wear burgundy? Is it earthy, jewel, red, other, or all to you?