Burgundy has been a favorite color of mine for years, and with it being so popular this season I’m adding a few pieces. I also have been interested in trying a cardigan in a long open style since I found one in a pretty teal earlier in the fall. I would have had to buy a bunch of supporting acts and decided not to keep it, but have continued to look for something in a similar style. I found three possibilities I liked at Lord & Taylor online.

1 - Ralph Lauren: with ruffles down the front. This seems like the right size. I think I like this one the best despite my normal dislike of ruffles. It’s not meant to close in the front, and has a vertical integrity that I like and seems slimming, plus it’s a little bit feminine/pretty which I like.

2 - Nipon Boutique: a burgundy/black print that is quite pretty. The fabric on this is the nicest of the three in terms of drape, feel, and “hand”. This one is a little too big, the next size down would probably look better.

3 - Michael Kors: the fabric is stiff and not drapey like you’d expect for this style and it’s more of a spring/summer weight so I rejected it right away. This one is too big on me but I didn’t like it enough to try a smaller size.

I have lots of options for styling them, but for this posting I kept it simple with a white tank to make it easier to see how it fits on the upper body, plus my burgundy pants.

Which one do you think I should keep?
Any and all suggestions and comments welcome as always.

UPDATE: The small size in the black/red one arrived and it looks just right to me. Shown in pic #4 with black column of color and some shoes I'm considering as part of a holiday capsule. This one is a keeper! I'm a bit on the fence about the ruffled front one. It is flattering and I love the color but it's a little too far into pretty-land for my style and I don't think I'd get much wear so I'm probably going to return it. I already have too many wardrobe items that I only wear once in a while, and am trying to swing the pendulum in the other direction.

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