Hi all, just sharing some thoughts I've had, inspired by all the essentials discussion. As some of you know, simplicity is one of mantras, and as such, many of the capsule/minimalist fashion challenges have appealed to me. But I always got frustrated with myself because I seemed to still go through shopping splurges, despite all my minimizing, and end up constantly editing my closet. I've largely broken out of that in the last year, but I now have an idea what was going wrong:
- I would decide to minimize, and end up paring my wardrobe down to my essentials, getting rid of non-essentials and statement pieces.
- then, in a fit of wardrobe boredom, I would analyse my wardrobe again, see all the duplicates in my essentials, dedupe, buy non-essentials and statements ... And the cycle starts again.
-thinking through the concept of essentials has made the light bulb come on about balancing these aspects of my wardrobe, rather than swinging back and forth between them. Hooray!! Only took me five years lol!! *facepalm*

What revelations have you had in 2108 so far?