Sorry I do not have a photo yet. Taking Angie's advice to size down in my own peculiar way, I ordered the petite version in my regular-regular size (which would normally be too small for me in petites -- does that make sense?) I went for petites because I am 5'4" and have short calves. Anyway...technically, the jeans fit. I mean I can do them up. But I feel a bit squeezed into them. (Yup, I have gained weight. Sigh.) Do they stretch out?

Problem 2: they are not at all flared on me and I don't know if the length is right. They seem to be hitting me where my calves are widest so my calf itself takes up all the slack. I don't have super wide calves by the way. Only 13.5 inches.

I think the regulars will probably be too long and won't look intentional. Maybe I can size up in petites as I did for the other BR crops? Those have less stretch than the resin wash ones and I definitely needed the size up there -- it's still on the snug side, but wearable.