Yes, that's it, Marilyn. How long our legs are, relative to torso, how long our thighs are, as Beth Ann said, where the rise hits us, what type of footwear we intend to use, how our calves are shaped...along with our general tolerance for the look, period.

Glory, I laughed out loud at "kick imposters." Ha!

I compared my petite BR high wash crops to the new resin version -- the resin wash ones were definitely shorter. So maybe the regulars will work in this on me.

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment with reading all these threads on cropped flares. I just realized that - FOR ME - the best I can manage with crops is JFE, and it can only go downhill from there. I can't seem get my head around that problem. Generally I'm fine with JFE, but I need items in that category to be easier to style. BF jeans and oversized don't pose that same dilemma; they may be JFE, but I get them and they get me.

Una, you and I have the same problem (and roughly the same body shape) -- I think you're on to something.

(Una, oversized stuff and BF jeans were difficult feeling for many people at first! They just align well with your aesthetic and style preferences which made it easier for you. Inverse might be going on here )

Aida, of course! That's why the crops are "clicking" with certain Fabbers and wreaking havoc with others. I've always loved oversized and BFs, and never really understood pant length.

Ha! Well, oversized and BF, I was on board. And kick crops, I'm also on board (if I find the right ones). I think in general, I will be "on board" with any denim silhouette that allows me to showcase footwear. I am a relatively straight hourglass (if that is not a contradiction in terms) so jeans are one of my best items, even though as a short person I need to hem most versions. BF jeans and kick crops have the advantage that I actually might not have to hem. So this makes them super, super easy in my world compared to many items!!

Tried the Loft white denim crop flares --- in the curvy fit. There was lots of room about the hips and abdomen, but they were sausage casing skinnies, with an odd sort of "lip" at the bottom. Calf sucking all the way, and I don't think sizing up would solve the problem.

Drat and Double Drat. I need to solve my white jean replacement problem. I was lulled into hubris by my success at BR!

Maybe BR will do these kick crops in white? We can hope...