Pardon my musings but I have been thinking about this.
I always knew , because frankly it is a pretty obvious thing, that I have large hips. They stand out, they are the thing that people might notice first on my body, or at least is the first thing I can see if I look myself in the mirror.
Nothing good or bad about it. They just are.
When I started being aware of fashion and body types I knew that probably i might be what was commonly known as a pear shape and 'should' dress for that body type.
However this theory was challenged when I realized that although my upper lady parts were not that big, my shoulder width matches my hips, and things get somehow smaller in between.
So , not a pear anymore, maybe an hourglass.
Things got really complicated when I realized that by some standards I am borderline petite, and to elongate you should wear a column of color. The problem is a column of color de-emphasizes the waist that I actually have and most of the times I create a wide rectangle instead of having a regular body with curves.
And for the final little twist, although I don't have rock like abs my belly is also not that prominent, so when I try to make a dark column of color topped with a lighter coat I turn myself into a flying shapeless figure again.
This has me thinking that maybe I should go for #1 than #2 in the finds. This has me thinking that maybe I should chance my dressing paradigms.
Do you feel conflicted about what part of your body you should enhance? Do you go back and forth about your body type and dress in different ways according to the 'body type of the week'?
Thank you for indulging me.