I’m ready to pull the trigger on a few Boden items but would like to double-check (actually triple-check) the sizing with the forum because some of the items are clearance and cannot be sent back.

I’d like to get some trousers, a blazer, a woven top and a cardigan.

I’ve selected sizes based on the size chart, but of course I’m between sizes on some of them.

For trousers I am a 4P at Banana Republic, and at JCrew I am between a 2 and a 4 (but both don’t fit well because the cut is too straight).

In blazers, I am a solid 2 at JCrew (and their blazers fit well) and between a 0 and a 2 at Banana Republic (but their blazers don’t fit well).

For knitwear, I am a solid XS at Banana Republic and more of an S at JCrew.

Based on the size charts at Boden, I think I should get:

Top: US4
Blazer: US4
Knitwear: US4
Trousers: US6

I have a curvy bottom.

Do you think I’m on the right track?