Smittie, only one way to find out.

YES, I tried their jeans a while ago. Good fit. Thick fabric. Rise is a little high for me. Unfortunately their white jeans look too tight for what I am after. I'm not sure I want more blue jeans, but the tux stripe looks fun

Soooo I just got their gingham dress. It is SO WELL MADE, it makes me shed a tear. I will write a post on that with pics.

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I want that gingham dress.

Angie, you are doing so well for dresses this year!

I, of course, would have a struggle between red and blue...

Suz, I AM. FIVE Spring/Summer dresses already. And a dressy dress for the wedding....

At this rate, I will be done with my refresh in March instead of May. Truly. That's why I feel I can't complain about the white jeans search - (and it's not like I don't have white jeans. I have 4 fab pairs - just bottleneck with the essentials). We can't have it all. I'll wear dresses EXTRA more in Summer.

Suz, maybe you'll get the blue gingham? US2 fits perfectly, although a little shorter than I'd have ideally liked. But just fine though. Same length on me as on the model. Great over cropped straight jeans too.

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I know...I loved it the minute I saw it. SO me.

But, the only issue...I do have a lot of blue and white dresses already! And no red for summer like that. But I suspect the blue would suit me better...

Please inform about the sizing. I love the style/ shape of it -- it would work really well in my summer life.

We were typing at the same time. I added a blurb about sizing. (The red is very cherry and has pink in it).

Thank you, Angie! I love both colours, actually...either would be nice.

so happy to see that you love the gingham dress Angie, as I happened to order it on a total whim before you had even posted the picture on the thread .. but in the blue colour, I am so excited now. and bonus is that i can wear it immediately for our summer now!

I really like Boden and it is great to see this thread. I have one near my office (I keep repeating this, because I think this is very good!). The quality always seems good to me; their clothes last.

@carla: how exciting about the blue gingham. Let us know how it works out (assuming you haven’t got t yet).

@suz and @angie: of course we ALL thought of Suz when we saw that blue gingham:-) I understand if you already have enough but it seems like structured day dresses that are casual are hard to find. This one is so cute though. I’m not sold on gigham for myself, but maybe...

@Jane: you’re our resident Boden expert! PS: I saw the write up. It sounds like you have a very fun job.

Wooohooo, Carla. We are frock twins - in many ways by the sounds of it. This might be our third or fourth dress that we share, no?

Jane, YAY. You are our local Boden resource. High five, Boden sister.

Suz, YES. Both colours in that dress suit you. I love the pink, and don't mind one bit that I look like a 1950s table cloth. We'll wear the gingham for Smittie.

Those belts with the circular buckles are so cute. Is it a brass-coloured buckle, Angie, or gold?

Not like I need a third field jacket, but I love this embroidered one, in both colours.

La Ped, I'm not sure about the exact metal of the buckles on the belt. But I'll have them next week, and will let you know. LOVE that jacket for you. You know, for a VERY Tomboy gal, you definitely like to throw in the pretty from time to time.

Hah, Angie, I do like a dose of pretty in my tomboy looks, because what I like best of all is being cheeky. Part of Boden's appeal to me is that they do cheeky quite well.

La Ped, nice juxtaposition.

I just got my first Boden catalogue and now I see that field jacket! LaPed! You are killing me! I want both colors and i don’t even own anything that olive goes with.

Please report on sizing if you get it. I’m usually happiest with 4P tops for my bust and shoulder width, but then the waist and hips are roomy.

@Karen- I could see that field jacket on you Karen. Seems right in line with your style moniker.

Karen13, you have nothing to lose. Boden shipping is free in the US. I echo Smittie.

Not buying right now but have marked that gingham dress... I will be loooking for your review, Angie. I feel like I could live in that dress with sneakers if it’s not too sweet. Love the pinky red.

Smittie, just wondering how the Boden pants sizing worked out for you. I ended up with nothing. The 6R were just too snug to keep and the 8R were too big. I think pants are not going to work for me from Boden. Oh well.

Viva, try another cut. They have three.

Hoping these items arrive soon!!

@viva: I didn’t order The pants. Too nervous about it. Thanks for following up as it confirms that the 6s would be the best fit for me.

@suz, I believe they’ve already arrived but I just need to find some time on the weekend to go pick them up.