Ok, now I'm dying . You're FRENCH and live in PARIS? Can we please be friends? lol.

'Banana pants' are official now, and we are gonna get it into common usage, mark your word! I need a pair and St. James is going on my list. I think of St James for flats and boat shirts...that's the preppy in me no doubt.

Another vote to make the term "banana pants" An Actual Thing ^^ FUN to see you post. #4 and #6 are brilliant (hope you get the weather to wear #4 out soon). Also quite like #3 with the navy and #7 with the burgundy. If you wear rust at all that's one of my favorite shades to pair with blush. Your loafers in #1 could be nice with these jeans too, perhaps with a tonal blush-out? Or maybe with the gray sweater you posted the other day.

(Scrolling back from #1 to #9 is a fun "before and after" )

I am in love with #7. And yes, many of us love oxford shoes. I like how comfortable they are and how long they last. I am currently in the market for some new ones and I would love to know what brand/model those deep merlot ones are.

Isabelle, #9? BEST picture ever! I love these pants, especially with the oxfords. They seem so relaxed, yet chic!

What a treat! #4 is my favorite but each outfit looks wonderful on you. The last photo expresses what we all feel sometimes. You are an inspiration!

I love your pictures, they made me smile this morning! Thanks! My favorite looks are 4,7&8. I think they have a simple elegance, they look like they didn't take so much thought, and yet a lot of thought. I love all of your shoes and want to know how you keep them looking so nice? Does it ever rain or snow where you live?!

Suz : thank you for your warm enthusiastic welcome, don't worry you don't scare me off, I'm already addicted to the cheerleading and will come asking for more

Lisap : we'll have a mini-meet-up in Paris this Summer, I hope (with Shevia), you're invited, come and be my friend

Sheila : aha, you've got a keen eye for luxury the merlot ones are from Bally. No, don't go to their website, you'll keel over when you see the prices. If you can find them heavily discounted : pounce, they're great quality.

Angie : no, I don't have a light jacket, I know it's a wardrobe hole.

Aida : I feel you're a second stylist around here, you always come up with great ideas. I love the idea of rust with blush, but I don't have rust right now. I tried the jeans with the blush sweater, they're the same hue, but I didn't like it - I suffer from pajama syndrome, I don't like columns of colours (I mean, on me, of course).

Staysfit (a daunting screenname) : thank you. I brush my shoes after each wear. I use shoetrees. I don't wear my shoes 2 days in a row. I clean, then cream, them at the end of the season, or after they've taken heavy rain. I don't use polish.
It doesn't snow, but it does rain. Leather can take rain, no problem. But they're not waterproof against heavy rain, so when it's really raining cats&dogs, I wear my storm-welted boots.

It is so rare, at least for me to find a pair of jeans that I can wear and right away, I have that feeling of "wow, they fit me so well!".

For you, those
Ze Blush Banana Jeans

look like they fit you extremely well and they present your great figure in a good light. Bravo for such a great find.