Pure love, Suz. I am trying right now to decide on a length to have a tulle skirt cut to (it's floor-length on me but that does not work with my crutches) and I believe you have just supplied an answer. Thanks for the inspiration!

Beautiful, I love Brooklyn's analysis on proportions, as I agree with her that the shorter blazers are the most conventionally flattering.

That skirt has become an absolute signature for you and deservedly so. I also like with the shorter top/blazer and all the other stylings also. Congratulations to all (including supportive parents) on the fantastic grades!

Wow!! This is fantastic. I can’t pick a fave!

I love the tulle skirt the most with substantial shoes to toughten up a bit but really all here have their charm and practical use for that matter, my new fave is nr 5!

Suz, you’re making me want this skirt! Can you tell me the colors, for example are the light parts white or yellow?

Very astute observations - thanks for breaking it down! *takes notes*

Very late here, but this looks fabulous! I agree that the shorter jackets look especially awesome (love your stance with the denim jacket :), but they are all good to my eye.

Suz, between you, Angie, and Brooklyn’s analysis, I am inspired to look for a tulle skirt that can work on a pear! I love these outfits and can now see wearing similar to all sorts of activities, including professional.

Pamela, I hope you find the right skirt! There are a lot of them coming out this season it seems.

Lana, this skirt has yellow, fuchsia, and black, and royal or cobalt blue in the plaid.https://www.katehewko.com/coll.....ant=393284

Love that skirt on you!