Brooklyn, thanks for the inspiration! I wanted to wear my summer tie-dye dress one more time into the fall season. I added brooches to the shoulders close to hair tie knots that I use to shorten the dress

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Oh, I LOVE this. Everything about this. Pretty pieces, lovely combination, tough integrity from the boots and dark lipstick. The brooch composition looks great and I agree about your 'rules' for them. You're making me want to find some brooches to wear. I have lots of buttons and enamel pins, which I suppose are similar.

Very late but just chiming in to say how I love this look. You are providing us all with eye candy!! Love the brooches, skirt and stompy boots. Inspiring all round.

Thanks Sal!

Nikki, excellent. Well done!

Kaelyn, I do think badges give a similar look. A little more casual vibe maybe. You could mix badges and brooches too.

Angie, I sure do! I keep my eye out for doggy brooches but it’s hard to find ones for cross-breeds. Maybe one day I will get a more “message” variety brooch eg “get a dog”. Which is of course the best advice anyone can give!

MJ, you had me picked!

Zaeobi, I started out Spring/Summer thinking I want fewer tees and more woven tops but I think tees will always have a place in my wardrobe. As long as the colour, fit and fabric is right, and the pattern (if any) speaks to me, I will get more wear out of any tee than any woven top.

And thanks April, Mainelady, Ginkgo, Janet, citygirldc and Shevia!

Wow, easy(for you:-)) killer fab again!!:_)

This is so beautiful and just perfectly put together, gorgeous to see you wearing your new T-shirt and how seamlessly you have integrated it into your wardrobe. I love your mid shaft boots and have noticed that higher shaft boots are really coming back into fashion again.

*carries off skirt*
Love the way you did the brooches!

Wow, another gorgeous outfit! Love the juxtaposition of the boots/tee/skirt. Fun way to do the brooches also.

Brooklyn, you never disappoint! I'm sighing over the brooches. It never occurred to me how useful they could be to make plain black colorful!

Beautiful ... love the Celtic vibe of the brooches!

OMG! Everything is perfect. The silhouette. Love the brooches. They pop on the jacket.