...it’s a ‘10’ or else it’s out of there!

I seem to acquire black items going into F/W, but in recent years I’ve been eschewing black in favour of more colourful items - olive sneakers, a cobalt puffer, a lilac trench, golden yellow pants, a red bag, etc. I haven’t worn anything shown below (with the exception of the Converse) since May!

The pics below are black items currently in my closet. (I’m not counting patterned or embellished items with black in the mix.) They are, for the most part heavy hitters in the ‘special occasion’ capsule, but a few are classic items I really, really love and wear a lot...in colder weather.

#1 thrifted wool loft jacket that fits like it was made for me, Lululemon OTF 7/8 pants, Denver Hayes leather combat boots, Converse sneakers. These see lots of action.

#2 Special occasion wear that are 10+ happiness, even if worn infrequently - taffeta ball skirt, Ralph Lauren long sleeved shirred waist dress, Jessica LBD party dress (10+ yo and I hope to wear for my 60th later this year!) Anne Klein low heeled tuxedo pump

#3 my most favourite bag since I thrifted it 2 years ago, and a LePliage Neo that is the go-to travel bag.

#4 Calvin Klein peacoat, because - cashmere!

#5 cotton brocade trench coat Suzy Shier - one of those amazing beautifully made garments that somehow ended up in a budget fashion shop. I’m ‘babying it because it is showing signs of wear after 5+ years of love

#6 Parkhurst beret, H&M/Madonna colab wool fisherman’s cap (20+ yo!), black leather gloves.

Not shown - low heeled (winter) booties and tall dress boots. I have 0 (zero) solid black t-shirts or sweaters.

The numbers: garments 7/54, footwear 5/13, bags 2/8 - 3 accessories (haven’t totalled these)

What are your feelings around solid black items, and how are they represented in your closet? Do you wear solid black items year ‘round, or part of the year? What are your favourite black items and why?

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