How nice of the universe to arrange a light show for my birthday

We were so into doing things this weekend that I didn't get a lot of "outfit" shots, but here's what I have. We live 8 hours from the path of totality for this eclipse, so we made a long weekend of it. Plan A was to spend the afternoon after our flight in Bentonville, SC or Asheville, NC, little artsy mountain towns with good food, where boho would fit right in. As it turned out, we decided the scene in the mountains looked much too hectic, with most of the SE US competing for cabins, so we stayed in Midtown Atlanta, walked to the Botanical Garden for dinner the first night, then drove to the mountains for rafting one day and the eclipse the next. With so many experiences packed into such a short amount of time, I hope my kid can wrap his head around school today! 

I just got new shoes last week. They will be great once they're broken in, but for this weekend, I decided to play it safe with my velvet Clarks.

Our boho chic outfits were fine in Midtown, which is a fashionable kind of place on a Saturday afternoon/early evening. I just wish I would've gotten a shot of my dapper son without the sweatshirt. He was happy to wear the shirt I chose for him, and preferred buttoning the sleeves to rolling them. Note the cuff I'm wearing. I'd never head of them before Brooklyn's Wonder Woman post, but my sister was finding one for me about that time and gave it to me for my birthday. 

I liked the way I looked before rafting, with the black shirt over my swim trunks/top. The pdf is not such a great look (and no, he did *not* want to go rafting. That changed one or two rapids in). 

I'm wearing the blue wrap the way it's intended in the pic with my goofball son, but I might like it better backwards. 

Stellar outfits for the final constellation of events. 

Thanks for looking--and for comments helping me pull this together!

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