It’s almost safe to go back in the water. I am so excited! I’m shopping for swimsuits now. I’ve got workout suits for serious swimming, of course. Now I’m looking for something to wear while lounging around with a drink, tossing a football or hitting a volleyball, maybe going in the waves or hot tub.

I admire the way women in Germany—and I think all of Europe (correct me if I’m wrong) wear bikinis. That isn’t done where I’m from. I’m even more behind, because I didn’t wear them as a teen, although I did have a few 2-piece suits where the top was basically a sports bra when I was in my 20s. Women I see at pools and beaches here aren’t wearing the stolid numbers I’m accustomed to from home, with high-waisted girdles, straight-across legs, and skirted bottoms. They have legit bikinis on, and seem very knowledgeable about the cuts that fit their figures. I don’t just mean perfect physical specimens either. Women who are a bit overweight (I gave up looking for an appropriate “cute” descriptor because I don’t want to offend) also wear bikinis here—and they look great in them!

Where does an Yankee abroad begin to find a bikini that will work well for me? I have a little bit of a tummy, my butt is flatter than I’d like, but otherwise I’m in decent shape. What are the “figure flattery” rules for bikinis, and what sites can help me find one(s) I like on me?

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