I turn 60 on June 2.  On one hand, I can't believe it; on the other, well, it feels ok.  I  retired from my full time sales career last September, and have not missed it one bit. I have no desire to return to that level of busyness and stress, despite it resulting in a much lower income.  It's fine. It's good , in fact.  My husband is retiring from a 35 year career with Air Canada at the end of this month . LOTS of big changes !  

Leaving that kind of outward-facing job , going through that same year we all had in 2020 (and into 2021 ) where my clothing  needs and lifestyle completely changed, AND the upcoming big birthday has taken me in a very unexpected direction and landed me where I am right now:

1.  I'm quickly adopting a different attitude toward makeup and nails - one where a more natural, classic look is my goal . It seems more sophisticated now to wear makeup that defines and highlights, rather than colours the skin .  I've long been obsessed with my skin  and nails and now I'm on a whole new level , with a focus on better nutrition for optimal skin, fingernail and toenail health.  I love reading about nutrition, and it's given me something new to focus on now that I have more leisure time.  Consuming the best foods for optimal hair/skin/body  health is my commitment to myself .  I used to be fully manicured and pedicured - 12 months of the year. That was pretty costly, justified in part by how I wanted to present in my sales job, but also because I need to feel polished in order to feel good about myself.

I'm into  new ways to achieve this polish (no  pun intended ) with classic manicures and pedicures (no colour or pale ivory on my fingers ) ..and less colourful makeup .  I haven't worn  lipstick in over a year, and now can't see going back . A subtle gloss is really pretty and somehow more suited to an aging face. I've had my last official hair colour appt, now am working on getting rid of the highlights and colour and letting my hair be it's natural self. I don't love the style, and wish I had a less "styled" look , but that's another story .   I feel better about my looks than I have in decades, to be honest.

2. Regarding my clothing : again, less is becoming more.  I don't want as much, I certainly don't need as much, and my new budget reality is taking care of any energy wasted on wanting things I don't need .  I've been in fashion and fashion-related jobs/careers almost my entire life, and don't see my interest in fashion and design waning, but shopping, accumulating and fussing over what I have is losing it's appeal very, very quickly.   The women whose style I love and spend time examining are wearing clothing that is much less trend-driven, and their looks are less dependent on lots of accessories and overly styled hair.    I am wearing a lot less jewellery now, don't always carry a purse, but when I do, I want these things to make a statement , but not in the "old " way.    I have always been attracted to an arty look, like those shown on Artful Home, and I want to dive more into this for inspiration and anything new I buy. I think it suits my lifestyle and interest in looking polished but not too much so.  

I've never been a fan of blingy and "overly designed" footwear (well, ok, there was a pair of boots once......) but I'm looking at my rather large summer footwear collection and sideyeing anything with more than two elements/design features. Case in point - cute platform espadrilles, with black leather strappy  uppers, AND big gold buckles.  Two of those are fine, but all 3 now look a bit junky .  Who knew my current favourite footwear is an ancient - but still meticulous- pair of white Converse?   I used to hate them on myself, now I don't want to wear anything else.  

I know this is a big bunch of me, me , me, but I've having a bit of fun with my new attitude/mood  (and kind of wishing I had smartened up a lot sooner) and with developing and fine-tuning my new look.  

I want the next quarter (?) of my life to be relaxed, healthy and vibrant, and I'm excited about changing my look to reflect that !  

Thank you for reading the ultimate in navel-gazing.  Looking forward to your own thoughts and experiences !