Great post! Happy almost-birthday! You sound excited about the future but still content with where you are, nice combo. Can't wait to see how your natural hair grows out. I can see that your style direction will work well for you. I turned 59 in February so am approaching the same milestone but so far I'm not feeling any big shifts. I've always been pretty minimal with makeup and maintenance - probably too minimal :). We'll see what the rest of the year brings.

Lisa, it sounds like you really have things figured out. Enjoy.

Really great to read this, lp. I turned 57 last month so we're in the same age neighborhood and I find myself considering many similar issues.

Thanks for putting your thoughts out there.

Happy Birthday! I love how you're approaching and embracing all of the lifechanges that are happening!

Your revised approach to makeup and grooming and dressing strikes me as very Parisian and/or Italian. I love that

It strikes me that really, these changes were all happening, and the birthday number is really sort of a passing side note, so let that bell ring forth!

I spend a lot of time looking at people in the 6o+ age group every day I'm at work. I've noticed that those who take care of the infrastructure, so to speak, are a heck of lot more vibrant and attractive than those who don't. Of course there are situational factors that don't allow better self care for some people , but in general , there is nothing more aging than yellowing teeth, dry hands and feet, neglected facial skin and unkempt hair. I know this past year has been extraordinarily difficult for many older people, and I cast no judgement on those I observe. My point is that all the great clothes in the world cannot cover a weak foundation, as it were.

One of the things I often think about is, we get this one meat-based casing, to house our souls for 80-100 years (if we're lucky). Ya gotta take care of it.

So many changes! Congratulations on all these shifts and on taking them in stride! 60 is a big birthday (welcome to the club!) and for sure it provokes extra reflection during a time of pandemic (yikes!) but you've also found the silver linings (er, no pun intended) in a more relaxed and less outward facing period of life. Hurray for that!

You look terrific in your new, more casual style. Also, I think you'll find it all easier to curate and maintain -- with fewer (sometimes conflicting) roles to dress for, you'll be able to focus more clearly on what works for you across settings. And go with that.

Happy countdown to your birthday Lisa! The ease and self-confidence you are expressing in this post has absolutely come through in your outfits as of late, and I'm so happy you seem to be seeing what I and others see - a vibrant, stylish and strong woman who knows her style and herself, and puts an excellent face forward to the world.

At risk of being too gushy, it's been a real joy getting to know you better over the last year or so (such as one can through this medium!) and the more I do, the more I like and admire you. My wish for you for 60 and beyond is to SEE and OWN how absolutely f'ing awesome you are!!

Sounds like you have a fresh new style direction to guide you...well, less fresh and new and maybe ore 'you' and authentic to who you are and where you are in life. I love the peace and acceptance that emanates from this post and can't wait to see it come to life!

It makes such a difference to be out of that sales environment! Suddenly, you're thinking about how you want to present yourself instead of how "you, the sales ambassador brand" needs to present herself. Sounds like a huge relief!

Happy almost-birthday! I love the sound of relaxed confidence and ease and I see this coming through in the WIWs you share. The more time I spend thinking about this stuff, the more I realize that the key is knowing who you are and working towards the best version of yourself, rather than getting sucked into pretending to be someone/something else. But it’s hard when the world bombards us with unlimited alternatives!

Happy upcoming birthday! Your life/style shift sounds exciting.

Congratulations on acheiving this milestone!See age does bring wisdom!(:

I hope you have something lovely planned for the day itself.

I have two friends turning 60 in June - you are one of them - and I have to tell you, you two make me welcome that milestone. I love how you're streamlining your look and focusing on less (of everything) to get closer to what is really you. I intend to follow this evolution closely.

LBD - OMG too funny...."we get this one meat-based casing, to house our souls for 80-100 years (if we're lucky). Ya gotta take care of it." ROTFL!!! This little vegan nutritarian just snorted her mushroom chai!! Thank you I needed that!! We are Little "meat-based casings".....I die!

The RehFit’s current slogan i
is One Body for Life , and we sell lots of merch with this slogan . It’s on our work tshirt / uniform too .

Happy birthday! I loved reading your musings, and find many of the same attitudes developing in myself, too.

Well, this is a fabulous post! With age comes wisdom for sure. I look forward to your style musings in what sounds like your best decade yet, Lisa!

Happy Birthday. I think it's great to make conscious changes as our lifestyle and needs change. All the best.

Happy early birthday! Congratulations on your big life and style changes! I think being polished is a part of who you are, but it is not dependent upon external applications.

I love your commitment to putting the best foods into your body for fuel and optimal health.I plan to invest more time following your practice as soon as I am retired. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are an inspiration!