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I was gifted a kimono topper at the beginning of the summer by my mother-in-law, but despite Angie's helpful suggestions, I could never wear it. Well today, I finally came up with an outfit featuring the kimono topper. This morning, I had a bit of time to spare and I decided that iI was either going to come up with a way to style this kimono, or it would go! I can't stand keeping unworn clothes in my closet.

Well today, as I was looking at myself in the mirror, and hopelessly trying to make this topper work, I had an epiphany! I looked at my reflection and said to myself, "this is not a kimono, it is a flower print soft blazer!"

It's like a switch went off in my head! I realize now that the reason I could not wear it was because I couldn't get over the pajama association. But now I can wear it because it's not a kimono, it's a soft blazer. It goes to show you the effect of our psychology on our style, as Angie always says.

So, here is the outfit. I am wearing the blazer over wearing a column of black (jeans are black but look navy in the picture). I tried it with a pair of black pointy-toe flats and I like that version better, but it was dressier, and I was more in the mood for something casual, and I also had to walk around a bit today, and opted for sneakers.

What was also a huge help is that I recently put together, what blogger Brenda Kinsel calls, a "beauty bundle" of rose gold accessories. The idea popped up in my pinterest and I was intrigued, because it allowed me to put a name to and consciously practice something that I already instinctively do anyway. Basically, it is creating a combination of accessories that work together. You can note them down, so you won't forget the next time and try to reinvent the wheel.
You can read more here:

So, my bundle started with the realization that I wear a lot of v-neck tshirts in the summer and I wanted something to elevate the look to the next level. Combined with the fact that I already had a bunch of bracelets that I literally never wear (I don't buy them either, once again well-intended gifts by my mother-in-law), and wanted to start wearing, I put together a bundle with a set of bracelets, a ring, stud earrings, and a long pendant combined with dainty necklaces of various lengths. You can't really see in the pictures, but there are two dainty necklaces that fall into the v of the tshirt. The bracelet set took some trial and error, I purchased some inexpensive pieces and played around until I was happy with the current combination. This bundle accompanied many tshirt and short outfits this summer.

So, here you go, let me know what you think!

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