Hey, y'all! Happy New Year! I'm behind on the blog and forum and have more thoughts and goals to share, but I want to start with a question... where are the best places y'all have found to buy high quality, affordable, plus size button-down shirts in natural fibers (I love cotton and linen, especially)?

I'm working out how I want to dress in professional settings and I've realized that the answer is pretty simply. I feel most confident and physically comfortable in nice jeans, a button up shirt, a nice jacket, practical shoes, and an occasional necklace when teaching (which I've started this semester!). More formal version of that is slacks and a tie for job interviews, presenting at conferences, etc. I can also do blouses in warm weather and sweaters in cold weather to change it up a little, but I like the idea of button down shirts in various colors and patterns as my go-to. I have this very nice white one from Wildfang (which I bought last year for my wedding and still wear frequently) and would like more shirts from them, but colors are limited. I really like the thick fabric they use, too, because it dresses up or down nicely and it's not too see-through.