Was looking for VERY casual Winter duck boots or sneakers for walking Sam daily and travelling regularly - and found the perfect pair by accident today on sale for $68. Leather Converse high-tops in their new comfortable fit with:

  • Grippy soles for rain and ice
  • High shafts for ankle coverage (works well with straight and flared cropped jeans)
  • Fleece lining for warmth
  • Laces to fit my narrow ankles
  • Gold elastic for my glitzy streak (the gold elastic is what drew me to them from afar. I'm a Magpie).
  • Cream soles to match my pearls (the cream sole and gold elastic are the only reason I'm entertaining a black shoe).

They're a little wide for my low volume feet, but not a problem with thick socks and insoles (can accommodate an orthotic too). They will work well for high volume feet. Runs TTS.

Wearing them with Uniqlo's heattech socks. Cozy, warm, classic and graphic. VERY HAPPY FEET.

ETA: Cute with my good clutch too

UPDATE: Wore these Cons for five days straight on our frozen and snowy 20th Anniversary trip (we just got back), and they are SUBLIME! Couldn't be more perfect. Best ultra casual Winter booties I have.