Thanks for the enthusiasm, ladies. I road tested the new Cons on Sam’s walk yesterday - and they were fab.

Joy, Sharan, Eliza and Jaime, you crack me up. Joy, I’m sure you’d look nothing but super cute in these.

Lisa, ooooh. Burgundy sounds fun. We might be Converse twins.

Mary, hope they work for you too.

Inge, get a pair!

Suz, what do the Soffts look like?

JAilleen, those are iconic.

Beth Ann, you need new snow boots ASAP.

Love the shoes, especially the grippy soles part, but I'm really writing to say I love the Glassy Baby votives on your table. My son and DIL live in Seattle fairly close to the factory and store. I make it a point to get a votive every time I visit!

Oh those look super grippy and perfect for the PNW!
Greg must be jealous

Linda, I can walk to the Glassy Baby kilns from my house - 10 minutes. What a coincidence.

Smittie, HAH!

Oooh! Love these!

Angie.....some people are saying these fur lined Converse run big and to size down. You purchased your regular size?

Marilyn, I DID. The 6 was too short for my long toes. I got the 6.5 - my usual size. Far too wide, but fine with thick socks and extra insoles.

Those are really cute. I'm tempted, but I just bought two pairs of booties!

Those look fun! I also have the Timbs in black but those are kind of cold in winter. I just ordered them to check them out, if they are comfy and good on snow I will keep them.
I ordered in my size and half a size larger because I have high volume feet. I don't think half size down would work. We shall see.
Enjoy yours, you look nice and cozy in your picts!

I ordered the 6.5 and they are ideal - plenty of room for wooly socks. Thank you for the recommendation! They are very cute! (I have the black Timberlands from NAS a couple years ago and still wear them frequently in spring and fall, so I am glad to have a winter version).

I love 'em. So cool. I would only want to consider adding some insert because with Cons I tend to need support. And I'm thinking they are good (here in Boston) for cold but dry days. I'll think about them today and maybe order while price is low! (edited to add it took me all of about two minutes to decide to place the order...I hope an 8.5 works because that's the largest size in stock)

These are super-cute, Angie! I love that pop of gold. My gold-toe Børns always get compliments, and I love the edge the metallic brings.

I'm in the market for a new pair of Converse. They have some great options recently!

Yay, Laura. Knew you'd love them.

UPDATE: Wore these Cons for five days straight on our frozen and snowy 20th Anniversary trip (we just got back), and they are SUBLIME! Couldn't be more perfect. Best ultra casual Winter booties I have.

Great pick! I'm very tempted because I would like to keep my casual capsule VERY comfy. I could wear black but I live burgundy or gray as more mid- range , so maybe I should look for something like that?

Woohooo! Those are so stylish and comfy too...awesome!

Great to hear they worked so well. So far I haven't found them in 11 or 10.5.

Glad you had such great shoes for your trip!

I know I'm late to the conversation but I think these might be perfect. Angie, how do they work for low volume narrow feet? Shipping from Nordstrom to Australia is high, and returns then cost as much as the shoes themselves, so I need to be reasonably confident. I'm usually an 8.5 and there's still an 8 left. Is it worth it? Thanks so much!

Oh good info! My feet are so cold...!

ClaraB, I have to add insoles and thick socks so that they work well for low volume feet. LOVE THESE SHOES. Wore them in the ice and snow all of last week in the Netherlands, and they were brilliant. Check out pics here. I think they run TTS because of my long toes:

I am really tempted, but unfortunately only place that sells them here has a really terrible return policy, so I better be sure that they fit. Good to know that they feel TTS, I was unsure about reviews that recommend to size down.

Those look fantastic. I have started wearing sneakers a bit more but Winter is tough because I am never warm enough in them. This is a great recommendation. My daughter actually might like this. Thanks.

Great report and update! So happy for you! Will you be duplicating?

I might, Monica. I would LOVE a cream pair for Summer. Here they are in action last week in below freezing temps in the Netherlands. I walked my feet off and they were SUBLIME.

The white version is on sale for $45 at 6pm!

These shoes have been working out great for me too. Apart from one night when it was about 10 degrees F, they've kept my feet completely warm here in New England. And have fit seamlessly into my look, and get compliments. Thank you, Angie.

Coming back to report they were great in cold, rainy London over New Year's! Not usually my style but they were perfect! And I've worn them on rainy weekends at home and they are so cozy!