I have a love hate relationship with belts......mostly hate.....

I recently counted and discovered that I have 24 belts! I have saved them thinking I will use them, but don’t. When it’s fashionable, I do not belt jackets or cardigans with a contrasting belt. I do not love the way belted toppers look on my frame. The horizontal line of the belt breaks my vertical line in what to my eye seems an awkward fashion. I look stumpy and wide, instead of svelte...which seems paradoxical since I am long and lean and have a waist despite having a rectangular frame. I dislike belting my dresses unless the belt is exactly the same color as the dress for the same reason above.

I wear belts to secure mid rise trousers but find higher rises have less tendency to slide south....even so, I often wear one of the flat buckle no show belts out of habit. I do not prefer to tuck tops into my jeans/trousers, and when I do, I do not like a high contrast belt unless I have a topper to re-establish a more dominant vertical line. Although I have a large collection, I am only wearing my navy, black, silver, red and leopard print belts. The rest are collecting dust.

I think it’s time to donate the majority of my belts, although I have two wide belts, which I am tempted to keep even though I rarely if ever wear them. One is the perfect berry red with a silver buckle and the other is a light teal with a pearl tone buckle.

How do you use belts? Do you like them? Struggle with them?