I have removed the four belts in the first picture. They have brass buckles and/or are not colors I wear. The navy and green belts in the second photo get used but I would prefer they have silver hardware. The green is so old the hardware is worn. They should probably go into the bin as well....

The belts wrapped on the pillow have not been used much. They work best with a sheath dress. Included is that pesky too long white chain belt that has a tussle that hangs right down to...you know where! The fourth picture shows my wide belts and my red "love" belt. The next shows my silver and my grey belt along with the navy belt I wear most often. Its suede but my first choice would be smooth leather. The last pic shows the mixed metal belt, one brown belt I keep for my chocolate items, my animal print belt which is getting worn, and my white belts. I am thinking of keeping all the belts in pics 4,5. From pic 6 I would eliminate the brown belt because the mixed metal belt buckle flips to a brown side that is almost identical in tone. From pic 3 I may keep the navy and the metallic belt but cull the others. Not shown is my low profile navy belt. I'm still undecided about the wide belts. I'm keeping the red.

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I think the collection in 4 and 5 are great for you. Can you refurbish the hardware on the belts in #2? It looks like you have worn them, but if the color could be changed, or otherwise spiffed up, maybe you could get more use of them?

Good idea to get rid of a few... I think I would take it in stages - let go the ones you are sure about and then see what you think about the others in a few weeks.

I personally haven’t worn a belt in three years at least. I have a wide belt left which I keep because it was a hand me down from my mum, but all other belts are gone. I don’t tuck tops into jeans, so I don’t feel the need for a belt when they fit well. I like to tuck into skirts and culottes, but I take care to pick ones that don’t have belt loops.

Belts in #5 are all in great shape and have probably the best colors/shapes. Belts in #4 and 6 look very good ( I like pale green-grey in #4 - rare color and buckle ). You have nice collection of belts but of course some get more love-wear than the others.

There are some fabulous belts here, ie most of them! I have approx 10 belts and mostly wear one. However I am not going to get rid of any. I understand 24 is probably too many

Nemosmom, I will look into refurbishing the belts in #2, because I like the color of the green belt in number 2, and I also like that the navy belt is leather not suede....