I’ve avoided this thread because of the mention of beige. Imagine my surprise when I was confronted with a beautiful outfit. Your style evolution has been interesting and cool.

Really great look and clever to use beige this way to lighten the look. White grey and cream would not work. I think it is very flattering on you - and I see a bit of gothic highlands.

I like camel and caramel and think these could work on you as light neutrals.

Gorgeous! What a delightful mix of textures and pattern, and beautiful rich colors complemented by the perfect jewelry. I love this outfit on you. The beige top is beautiful on you and how clever to layer it over the darker top. I have just bought two wide leather cuffs adorned with some stones, btw, to try the double cuffs look. Thank you for the amazing inspiration.

JAileen, don’t be scared of my posts! Thanks for braving it and for your kind words

Sally, thanks. Light neutrals are hard. Camel can be a bit yellow on me. Caramel is better but not as light. I think it’s part of the reason why I wear pattern on my lower half a lot. Easier to wear lighter colours there.

Katerina, thanks! We are on the same page. I was thinking about getting some stone bracelets (a bit like this) for the double cuff look.

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Lisa, thanks. I used to dream of having thin legs, but I’ve given up on that now. It’s great that they work. Health is everything.

TG, thanks!

Kate, yay! I have a silver pair that I call my wonder cuffs. We can make a team with Opaline and Katerina.

Phoebe, thanks! I’m in Australia. It’s warming up fast - 23C today. But technically it’s the end of winter so it still gets pretty cold at night.

Angie, thank you! You always find something positive to say. It’s a skill and a virtue

Mirjana, great to have a holiday. It’s good to get outdoors and get some tech free time too. But it does remind me of a line in a Marion Keyes book where the main character says something like “I was relaxing and looking at all this wonderful nature and stuff. And then I thought... I miss shops”. Ha ha. That would be me. Welcome back!

Brooklyn, you have amazing style. That is all.

WOW wow wow. Only you could make beige look beyond beautiful! I love the idea of Scottish highland gothic...that Chloe suit is amazing.

NM and Aquamarine, thank you!

Inge, thanks! I’m a jewellery hoarder

Bijou, no-one could ever accuse you of being a boring beige accountant! And don’t get me started on McQueen. I have a severe case of lust for their looks too. And the jewellery...

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Thanks Suz! You could wear that Chloe suit. It would be a great colour on you.

Scottish highland gothic ftw! Love the skirt especially! Beige is my white too, but must have texture and/or sheen to work.

Thanks ST, texture and sheen makes a big difference.

Excellent looks from Chloe. Love the McQueen too.
I might need to wear one of my cuffs w/my McQueen scarf!
You’ve totally got all these looks nailed.
Love the idea of you doing the cuffs w/stones, too. I like the pic.
I have some like yours & what Katerina describes, both surprisingly versatile.

Gorgeous-ALWAYS and AGAIN! You did it so well! I think beige washes me out as well -but still love it in patterns with black-and shoes- as it matches/bookends my hair/skin! Wow-those arm cuffs! You certainly don't have to be thinner or richer -I believe the creative juices will lead you to find and make work those cuffs work brilliantly for your scottish highland gothic fashion persona! Wow, what a spot on title! LOVE!

I love this look, and may I just say I would love to have ALL your fab jewelry!

Lovlier than a packet of Tim Tams

Love it! (and like Marian Keyes too)

Ha, another one who didn't open this because of the "beige" but then noticed it was you, and knew it would be worth the "click". And you don't disappoint, this is awesome. And some wonderful inspiration photos as well! (although the models seem sooooooo skinny - I'm not liking it. Interesting shift in my head)

Brooklyn have you tried wearing more bold colors in your outfits? It could help feel less washed out, but this outfit looks good, you’ve got a unique style for sure!