Beautiful! I love how you've pulled black and brown together!

Your outfit is awesome!! Being your own boss is working for you, and you look like you could be an actual boss in an office environment.

The multi-color scarf and purse really tie things together. They are really complementary to the brown pants, especially The length of the pants obscures the boots, I can't tell if they are heels or flats. Heels would give more of an office / professional, or date night vibe, while flats might make me think of going out with friends.

You look great and should be the boss more often.

Love the pants, the colours, and THAT SCARF!!! (Fellow scarf-lover here.) You keep doing you.

How did I miss this? You look absolutely fabulous, Janet, and I vote you stay the Boss!

About three weeks ago I rediscovered brown, as long as it's the right shade of brown. I'll just save your photo for future ideas.

Did I mention that your outfit is gorgeous?

Wow! Glad this re-surfaced. Beautiful look and excellent study in proportions. Perfection, Janet. Great colors, too. Love the pants.

Oh yeah!! What a gorgeous outfit and you wear it with panache, Janet. Boss to the MAX!!

I also missed the post and glad I caught it now. I love your outfit. No other boss could have done as well!

I freaking love this on you, Janet! Well played <3

Oh my, this is all kinds of fantastic.