I can't swan around in silk taffeta all day, alas. (Although I'm still finding green fibers on me and the carpet, and will be for some months.) Back to everyday life!

#1-2, 22 March. First official wearing of this pair of ASOS shoes. I really think they're perfect with this outfit, picking up the light pink in the print but not really grabbing attention from the dress.

#3, 22 March (choir). Buzz and me again! Too chilly for shorts in the evening, but it turned out to be a handbells-only rehearsal. It's a pretty vigorous activity and I was glad to be wearing a t-shirt.

#4-5, 23 March. This is probably my favorite dress, pale blue knit printed with cranes (and with pockets!). The cranes each have a tiny spot of red on their heads, and I've been wanting a nice red topper to wear with this. Enter the magic HB cardigan! Yay! Also of note: The perforated white flats from ASOS. They were perfect for this ensemble.

#6-7, 24 March. Another cold front, so I went for unashamed matchy-matchy to console myself. Light coral/peach sweater with lace overlay in front and slight high-low hem. Worn with a silver leaf necklace, it exactly matched yet another pair of ASOS flats: rose gold metallic with shiny silver hearts on top. Even with color correction the shoes are still showing to be yellow-green, but they are truly rose gold/copper. This was so much fun to wear.

#8, 28 March. Still a fairly cool day, and I was exhausted, so yay for the HB cardigan, this time worn as a sweater, and with the heart flats again. I totally mixed up my metals (the brooch is yellow gold) but it was okay and very easy to wear.

#9-10, 29 March. Would you believe I never got a picture of my Easter outfit? I was singing at the sunrise service (and the two after that) and it just never crossed my mind. So I re-wore the dress, new multi-colored swallow print shirtdress, and cardigan for warmth. I wore white pumps on Sunday, but the perforated flats worked just as well.

#11-12, 29 March (choir). Another choir day, another t-shirt. This time I wore the rose gold sandals with jeans. It's a rare temperature that lets me get away with this combination!

#13, 30 March. I was really irked with the cool-ish temperature at this point, and I'd also hit a laundry (actually ironing) bottleneck with some of my staple skirts. These greens really don't go and I was kind of frustrated with the outfit all day. The shirt tail is also really long and it didn't play nicely with the lined skirt. At least the shoes still made me happy.

#14-15, 31 March. Still bottlenecked, but I had a new idea. This dress has always vaguely dissatisfied me; something about the proportions of the neckline treatment don't work. But with the cardigan, most of the focus was on the tie. I love red with chambray, too. The ankle-strap shoes were the best choice here, the most subtle and refined.

#16, 01 April. This was not a joke outfit; it's a last minute substitution when I decided what I'd planned was unwearable. Blue cardigan, green & black knit dress, green leggings (!), and blue metallic shoes. I like the colors all together and it was super comfortable to wear. But definitely one of my most random.

#17-18, 02 April. Sunday again! Trying out a new mirror and location again. I'm rather backlit, and the ankle of the mirror lengthens my leg line significantly. But the color should be better. Sunshine yellow poplin dress with dimensional self-fabric trim, white belt and shoes (Easter shoes), and blue cardigan. I really like this combination.

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