I still think of avatars as those cartoon versions of ourselves we create on social media , but the true definition (I had to look it up to convince myself it was the right word to use ) seems to be useful in terms of sorting out our fashion personas. This will also help me stick to a plan when shopping . I hope.

I've thought a lot about it since it was first posted ,as I've had some long hours in the car lately, which is where I do my best thinking It's no secret that I can be all-over-the-place in terms of style and goals, and promises to myself ....and as has been suggested, this kind of exercise could be very beneficial to someone like me So - here goes: (and pre-emptively, I DO NOT for one minute think I AM these things and am not that presumptuous. These are style goals and aspirations for me only , and I fully know my place in the bigger picture )

1. Urban Luxe Professional - all year

  • where: sales manager role in home goods and giftware/fashion accessories ; at trade and buying shows, seeing certain clients and customers
  • how much of my time : probably only 15% (sadly but realistically)
  • fabrics: silk, fine gauge wool, leather, faux leather , linen, jersey, some rayons , some poly blends ,faux fur
  • colours: heavy on neutrals, not a lot of pattern
  • style icon: ?
  • the pieces: blazers, tanks and blouses, trousers, coats, boots, polished sandals, oxfords, scarves , quality jewellery , quality bags , bomber jackets in luxe fabrics
2. Polished Urban Casual / Cool Brooklyn Design Shop Owner
  • where: sales manager role, day-to-day dressing for store calls, lunches/drinks with friends, shopping
  • 50% of my time is spent here
  • style icon: ? lots of the women I follow on instagram
  • fabrics: cotton, denim, linen, leather, silk, some poly or rayon blends, knits,
  • colours: heavy on neutrals, a little more pattern than above (but have to be careful not to get too carried away with too much unrelated junk ) ; stick to graphic patterns, moody florals and some vintage influences , extra colours: mustard, lilac, some blues, red/oranges, bits of white,
  • the pieces: jeans, twill or cotton pants and jackets, chore jackets, bombers , t-shirts, tanks, blouses, scarves, sunglasses, trendier bags, statement jewellery in resin, leather, metal, and "stones", denim dresses , clogs, fashion sneakers, trendy sandals , ankle boots
3. Boho California Casual - summer/fall only

  • where: at home, out for drinks with friends, casual get-togethers, personal time and errand-running
  • 20% of my time is spent here (i.e. all summer, lol)
  • fabrics: denim, gauzy cotton, rayon blends , cotton/poly knits , cotton knits
  • colours: orange, blue, some pink, green/olive, turquoise , red, yellow, white/ivory; more pattern here than in any other category
  • the pieces: boho peasant tops, denim shorts, cargo pants, camo print jackets and pants, rayon blend kimonos, denim jackets, "creative" jewellery (mostly gold and turquoise stones) vintage-y t-shirts, and the ever-elusive dress , clogs, Birks, Converse , some "fashion" sneakers , wedges and flat sandals.
4. Urban Athlete - all year

  • where: at home, at my fitness facility job , to-and-from the gym/working out, running errands, shopping, casual dinner out with the family
  • 15% of my time
  • style icon: ?
  • fabrics: technical fabrics, spandex blends, jerseys, quilting, nylon, zippers, pockets, cotton blends,
  • colours: lots of black, white, and a few accent colours (some grey and pink and a smattering of neon/highlighter colours
  • the pieces: sneakers - athletic and fashion , and boots. Pretty straightforward: leggings, skirted leggings, bomber jackets, hoodies, joggers , sweatshirts, biker shorts, tanks, long and short sleeved quick-dry ts. Parkas and puffers. Silver jewellery, (this is usually where I wear my collection of zipper/skull/etc pieces just to freak out my coworkers) Nylon tote bags.
Thank you for following along, if you did. Have I been too broad in scope here? The one area I need to polish up and focus on is #2. I have too much stuff in this category and can get off track too easily . I'd love to dress more in #1, but the reality of my job is that it's t"oo much" most of time and I'm overdressed if I'm not careful.
Oh - and - I have no real style icons for any of these categories. I find it hard to pinpoint anyone !

Jokes,comments and recommendations always welcome!