Late to this.
I’m impressed with how much detail and thought you’ve put into this. So interesting that your summer persona is so different from the rest of the year. For me, #1 Urban Lux Pro, #2 Polished Urban Cas & #4 Urban Athlete all live in the same closet, borrowing pieces from each other. But #3 the Boho Cali girl feels like a visitor who’s dropped in. But i understand the appeal of this look.
re icons, I keep coming back to Katie Holmes, whose style i think of as quiet, and sophisticated, even at its most casual.

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kkards - I understand how the Boho aspect seems like it comes out of left field. I think it's because the FIT of the boho looks work better for me in our hot summers .....rather then a more fitted preppy or classic look. Also - it allows me to indulge my inner magpie with crazier accessories , which I wouldn't be doing with a more professional look. I don't know -you've made me think here!

I think a lot of people lean more boho in the summer months for just that reason. Look at Carla, and even Angie, with her "boho lite".

Youve done great work here!

I totally get the different persona for summer. Our season is so short that it feels worth celebrating in a unique way. For myself, I skew more preppy than boho, but I wear more casual, more feminine, and more juxtaposed looks in the summer, even for work. More skirts, bare legs, sneakers and sandals. Besides, summer is so different in temperature that there is almost no overlap in wardrobe items with the other seasons.

Jenn, you are dead right! I love "the pretty" integrity in the boho styles, and think that flounce/ruffle is elegant and romantic. But like to keep it crisp so as you astutely said = boho-lite ....and remix it with the rest of my trendy classic fluid structure.

I understand the appeal of the boho look in summer and lean that way myself. It is the looseness, the light fabrics, the vacation feel of it etc.. And as it is too hot for scarves and coats - jewelry comes into its own.

The good thing is that this look doesn't really change much so pieces can last a long time....

@Jenn - agree! And, I saved myself a lot of money and angst, when I owned the ‘boho’ element of my summer style. Previously, the summer boho purchases would get edited when I went through the ‘what was I thinking’? stage of closet clean-out in October. Now I keep a (small) capsule of boho things, and authorize myself to ADD one new boho piece each summer to scratch that itch. This summer I’m thinking a ditsy floral dress with a flounce, or a tiered prairie skirt I can wear with a tank top and jean jacket.

I also think that boho in a Canadian winter is just dead hard. Peasant tops, ruffles, light layers - none of those work. Ditto wide legged jeans in snow. So I think it’s natural for some to embrace boho elements that feel ‘free- er’ in a season that feels free-er to us - even if it’s a short one.

I'm late to this and didn't even make through all the commentsyet but wanted to pin something out for myself"it's better for me NOT to buy a boho floral print in a mid-quality fabric in a dressier style (for example) because I DON'T end up wearing it with my better ". Wow, my bulb went on here, you are really putting a finger on my bloody wound..:-((.

Oh, and forgot to praise you for commitment you did your job so well! I'm impressed! Now off to apply it in practice-that is the second hardest job I think....