Thanks to TorontoGirl and Kaelyn for the inspiration. I am not sure I am fully there yet but wanted to give this a go!!

My Style Statement - Relaxed bold elegance

I came up with four avatars split into approximate percentages I need in my wardrobe based on usual (non Covid) activities. Please keep in mind I don't see myself as Grace Kelly or Villanelle...... I feel like I have the first and last pretty well sorted (they are the easiest for me). I have worked on my business wardrobe and am happy with it now. Getting the balance in our male dominated aviation industry has made it a bit tricky. The second one is one I love - but would like to expand a little bit. And I think where I can go wrong at times......

The Film Star (10%)
Muse: Grace Kelly on and off duty
Palette: camel, off white, black
Key pieces: sheath dress, big sunglasses, heels
Natural habitat: evening events
Representation in my closet: I have several pieces - enough for my needs. Love this for parties or meals out or celebrations.

The Flamboyant Fashionista (20%)
Muse: Villanelle from Killing Eve
Palette: Bolder patterns, textures, pinks and reds, florals, hats and sunglasses
Key pieces: Dresses, skirts, sandals and boots, coats
Natural habitat: Working from home, at the beach on holiday, casual night with friends
Representation in my closet: Not good. Would like to pursue this further. This is where I find wildcards...

The Business Owner (30%)
Muse: ??
Palette: Black, camel, blush,
Key pieces: black pants, boots, knit tops, easy dresses, tidy denim– all practical, non revealing and timeless
Natural habitat: working from the office or home, meetings and conferences.
Representation in my closet: Good, after a bit of purchasing over the last six months.

Active Sporty Practical POTG (40%)
Muse: ??
Palette: Denim, Stripes, pink, coral, black, navy
Key pieces: sneakers, sports gear, scarves, shorts, knitwear, sunglasses
Natural habitat: the sports sideline, walking with friends, working from home, day trips, holidays
Representation in my closet: Mostly pretty good, although this needs the most regular updates due to wear.

I also made a collage with some of my favourite Pinterest images that I think represent some of these styles. I added a few WIW that represent different aspects of my style.

What I am I missing? Any ideas for muses or words (the titles could be improved?) And this is a bit disparate.....but I think/hope there is a common link.

Thanks in Advance.

ETA: Have revamped this and refined it further down the thread after the great input and some further thought.

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