You inspired me to download the Charlie's Angels soundtrack

Thanks Jenni, Brooklyn and Suntiger....

The proof will be how I use this to aid further shopping or styling....


LOVE the way you incorporated those '70s Charlies Angels into EVERY aspect of your wardrobe life, Sal. The bomb, sister. The BOMB

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Thanks Angie and Bijou - you both really helped me get there!

It is the vibe that I want - and that is what made me know I got there in the end.....

This is brilliant, Sal!! Love it!!

Now we need a TV show with you starring as all 3 grown up Angels!

Oh I missed this before, so I will just say I love all these for you! Charlie’s Angels indeed!

Haha this space...

Thanks Christina- rather aspirational but that's good!!

LOL! Sal, this is a tremendously fun post! :-). You nailed it! I am so bad at Avatars and Style Icons, but I have a fun Cell phone app avatar, and when my hair was short she looked almost exactly like me!

I have fond memories of watching Charlie’s Angels when I was a tween in the mid 70’s. Many had a favorite Angel and tried to imitate their hair style. I suspect we currently recall the original Angel cast....Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Cheryl Ladd (joining soon thereafter), but there were a couple others as well.

I’m just catching up on this and think it’s such a great exercise, and with such fun results! I’m grinning at the Charlie’s Angels personas, having watched that growing up.

I’d be tempted to try this exercise myself, but I tend to think more visually and instinctively in terms of my style rather than assign names or terms. The monikers always seem a little too *too* for me or something. I can’t even begin to think of a muse for myself. Is that weird?

You nailed it, Sal!!! I can't wait to see where you go with this!

I like this version ! So fun That was one of my favourite shows back in the day.....

And Janet - me too. I can't come up with actual people as muses either ...

I have nothing else to add re: avatars, since the other Fabbers have already addressed it so eloquently, but I have a couple of things to address:

1) You look smashing in your sunglasses & LBD - I can't quite put my finger on it but they really harmonise with your natural facial features & body shape, somehow. No doubt Kibbe type related?

2) Thank you for introducing me to Villanelle (Jodie Comer) - I of course will never be a white blonde lol, but her facial structure reminds me of my own a little. I don't think I've ever seen a celebrity resemble my own features that much, so I think her looks will be great inspiration for both my affinity for colour & my Kibbe type (once I figure out what that is)

"Grown-up Charlie's Angel" is a brilliant term to encapsulate your style. It captures the glam and fun and practicality in one fell swoop.

Thanks Jenn - I think it encapsulates a mood that I want to adopt as I enter my 50s in a week!

Thanks Zaeobi - I think having a wide face makes sunglasses work easily on me. Especially lucky in our climate! I am Kibbe Natural or Flamboyant natural- I think! And Jodie Cramer is a top actor and very scary as Villanelle...

Thanks Janet - I was partly there but this consolidated a few things together. I hope it steers next away from too classic or too cute or too avant- garde - all great looks but not for me. I see no need for a moniker or muse either - especially when you know your style and have a great closet!

Thanks Nemosmom - you helped me get there.

Thanks Lisa - I hope we can both use our analysis to add the right pieces and dress how we want. I see no reason to have a muse- I didn’t have one til now and I hardly see myself as Farrah or any of the angels......,, but it feels right.

Staysfit - I used all my tricks to be allowed to watch the show on tv. I remember one day watching through the window from the deck:) suspect it is horribly dated but of course there was a recent reboot last year which I may try and view sometime.