Hey ladies--

I know I've been posting a lot of threads in the past month or so. For the first time in what seems like ages I've had a little budget for shopping and have been trying to do my best to get some purchasing in when the time is right. Everyone's opinions have been invaluable on my k/r threads, in particular-- but the planning threads as well! Best shopping buddies ever. I really do appreciate every single reply because I know each takes time and effort.

Anyway, I think I'm getting very close to being done for the season. What I've purchased so far can be seen here and here and here and finally here. You can see what is currently on order (all but one piece to be delivered this week) here in my shopping list. So, there will be a couple more k/r for me (why mess with success?) Sure, there are a few more things I have the wantsies for, but this is so many more functional, flattering clothes than I've had for several years I'm very excited and think that I need to take some time to play in my closet and see what works. If I keep all of my orders I will have added 1 layering sweatshirt, 1 snazzy sweatshirt, 1 crepe top, 1 weekend slouchy hoodie, 1 non-stuffy button down, 2 sweaters, 1 cardi, 1 drapey tee, 1 silk top, 1 pair of pants, a belt, several layering tees/tops and 2 pair of jeans to my wardrobe (plus I have a new pair of jeans and a new top from late summer carrying over). That is 12 new items and 1 new accessory!

That said, I do still need to shop for the finishing touches. I'm talking mainly shoes, belts and scarves. I rarely accessorize and find this very difficult-- I often drool over pretty accessories, but rarely find them workable for me.

I'm pretty sure I will keep one of the two size of Dr. Martens I ordered. I love the practical nature of them and found them quite comfy and sorta bad-arse I already have a pair of red sneakers and a pair of red chelsea boots. Plus, I have the hipsi belt on order, which I'm hoping will work.

So far I've tried a men's cognac belt and found it too stiff and bulky for me. I also tried the Frye campus boots and am not thrilled with the fit or the look.

I do know this-- boots/booties are the most practical winter footwear for me. I need something warm and comfy, but am not too concerned about wading through deep snow or weather-proofness (although I also don't care for super-fine leather with no real sole to protect it and things like leather-covered heels on boots). I know I want some sort of cognac colored shoe or boot, and a belt to go with. I want to stick with my style persona--- my chelseas are close to being as refined as I go. I don't care for extremely pointy styles. I do want a pair of booties or boots that I could wear with tights with my pencil skirt or a dress to an event, but don't want a "dress boot"-- just something slim enough not to look goofy with hose. I'm thinking of trying the veronica back-zip fryes in congac, but IDK that I need or want a tall boot. I do have slim pants for the first time in years, but don't know how I feel about "to the knee cognac" and they aren't the type of thing I'd wear with a skirt or dress since I don't wear skirts or dresses as work clothes in the winter, and forget them for casual wear.

I'm thinking two pairs--- any guidance? Any help finding a cognac belt? I'd also love you forever if anyone found me a patterned belt that "went" with my wardrobe-- catch is i don't do leopard print, most snake, or polka dots!

Also, I'm in the market for a couple scarves but am not seeing things I love. I would like to find one to go with the red sweater, something graphic (southwestern in a semi-authentic way would be ideal) and maybe something orange, cobalt, or white.