I'm pretty happy with my spring/summer footwear. I wore the Freebirds a ton last summer and enjoyed how they brought edge and toughness to my lighter, slightly more romantic/feminine summer style. I am also still getting wear out of older styles as well -- mainly flat slides for really casual days, and other chunkier block heel styles that dress up or down a bit more. I still have some slip-on sneakers, and already wore the new rose gold sneaks this weekend as well.

However, I have a feeling that I may want an updated pair of sandals for the coming season, so I'm open to suggestions on styles that would be very current and work with my casual summer style.

The finds below represent a good portion of my summer footwear -- not all, but a pretty good overview, including sneakers and sandals. In summer I wear sandals much more than closed-toe styles. Any suggestions for what to keep an eye out for?

I won't be shopping for a few weeks though. I just hurt my foot Saturday night, so it's swollen and I'm trying to keep off of it as much as I can right now so I'll be ok to hike in the desert in a couple of weeks.