Janet, I'm gently reminding you NOT to buy uncomfortable shoes for the sake of "the look". Don't go too high in the heels. It was just last week that you also mentioned - right after me - how your feet have grown more particular.

Definitely not, Angie. Heel height isn't necessarily the deal breaker -- all of these heels work fine for me. A wedge or sturdy block heel can be great for me at 3" if all the other components of fit and comfort are there. I have some flat shoes that rub that are way more uncomfortable! But your caution is wise -- I am being very careful with comfort these days before committing to any shoes. The last mistake I made was actually a low heel but the booties ended up being too stiff.

Donna, the ranch is where my shoes (and clothes) go to die. I leave stuff there that can get seriously beat up (scratched, muddy, covered in cow poop, etc). Otherwise, I take a couple of favorites with me that are strictly going-out shoes (but still really casual). Most of the time I'm on the ranch outdoors I'm wearing muck boots or work boots that will not ever be seen in public!

I am slowly backing my way out of this thread before I click on any shoes and fall down the rabbit hole.

What Shevia said!!!

Such gorgeous options.

I am in favour of a colour, and also maybe a black, and also ranch footwear as Donna mentioned. All important!

Do you all know how funny it sounds to me when you all talk about " the ranch" ? It sounds like some dude in Texas with a big Stetson hat? That's not what you wear, is it?

Jenni, not many ranchers we know wear those hats. More likely trucker hats! This is what it looks like, and you can see what my husband wears to work cattle.

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The only thing better than the gorgeous shoes in this post is the photos of the ranch - stunning. The photos of the calves are so cute, you have very happy and healthy cattle.

What do you think about FLY London? I also like AS98 brand for your style. I can vouch for their comfort and quality. Something like this in finds.

Anchie, I like FLY Londons -- I have a pair of their boots and the comfort is amazing. I get compliments on them all the time.

LOVE the heel on those AS98's! I've never seen that brand before. Thanks for the introduction.

anchie and Janet - those AS98 shoes look amazing, very unusual which I like.

Gorgeous ranch pics!! It is beautiful.

There have been some seriously good shoes on this and Viva's threads too. Feeling inspired here.

Janet, keep an eye on Arche for some funky, comfortable sandals. http://arche-shoes.com/store/p.....Category=4
They use the softest leather, and although expensive, can't be beat for comfort and quality. I bought the below pair last year in their store in Boston and love, love, love them!

Wow thank you Janet for those photos! It looks so amazing. We would call that a farm, but Sally would know more than me about NZ farms. We do have a close relative with a farm near our huge lake ( Lake Taupo) and we enjoy visiting there, I just get taken about on the back of a motorbike there occasionally and that's a great novelty. Otherwise I'm very much a city girl !

And re shoes, the new "walking sandals" I bought on the recent holiday in Queensland, Australia are Arche, the French brand. They are really for our next summer starting December 2017.

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I'm living vicariously through your thread, Janet, as sandals are the last thing I could use more of. So I found these, as I went down the Freebird path, inspired by your collection and some of the Finds here. I saw these that are similar to the Free People ones you like, in a very rugged, lower-heeled version. They come in dark brown, too, which I could see on you.

Freebird Peace
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I love your ranch pics. Ranchers around here wear hats like that, too. The only time I see cowboy hats is at the rodeo.

I really like these EF sandals. There are two versions, 3 inch heel and flat. I think they're cute.



Janet, you will undoubtedly find an awesome pair of sandals so I just have to chime in on the cuteness of your cow wranglin' pug in the last picture

Ok, I totally NEED you to get a few of those FP choices and report back. They appeal to me so much -- the Mont Blanc sandal and the Bryce Wrap? I see so many Janet shoes in that collection!

Ooh love the Fly ones! Thanks for the ranch pics! So fun to see people here in their "real" lives!

Jenni, people are swiftly corrected in TX when a place like ours is referred to as a "farm"! Funny how different places name things.

I appreciate all the suggestions and ideas! I am not trying anything for a while, just sitting on ideas for now.

I had a little bit of the shopping bug bite a few weeks ago, but I'm not feeling it so much now. Too busy with other things and nursing my sprained foot. That definitely puts a damper on shoe lust. Right now I'm more concerned about getting my feet in my hiking boots next week and making sure I can get in a few miles each day in the desert!

I'll think about the sandals more when I'm back home and the weather is warming up. We'll then see what it feels like I "need," if anything.