Thanks so much for your thoughtful replies and analysis on my BR suit thread yesterday. I have read and cogitated on them all, and also read and cogitated on all responses in Sveta's and Diana's companion threads.

As Sveta said, this is a tough decision. If only it were a very clear yes or no!

Luckily, I have a bit of time to mull over this, because I truly think I'm going to need it.

On the plus side:

  • Great price
  • Great fabric
  • Excellent (if classic) fit for me
  • Gets me two versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe (in addition to wearing together)
  • Good (and sought after) neutral for my closet.
  • Felt good on, and trouble free to style.

On the minus side:

  • Reads as "classic" and (to some) "corporate/ conservative" rather than "modern classic."

One minus to lots of pluses -- if we look at math alone, the balance is clear. Yet that single minus weighs more than several of the pluses put together. Like Sveta, I do not "need" a suit. It is a want. And I'd like a modern one.

But here is another wrinkle: A modern suit might be very tough for me to find. Here is why. The longer, lower stance jackets that we're all liking the looks of, and that will suit tall, slightly long waisted Sveta so beautifully, are (I suspect) "iffy" on my body.

Sveta is very proportionate (legs to body length) but has a slightly long waist and a slightly short rise.

Meanwhile, at 5' 4" (barely) I am on the edge of petite. My legs are possibly slightly on the short side (depends how you measure it -- but anyway, my calves are definitely short). I am also slightly short waisted, but I have a long rise.

What this means is that jackets ending at my low hip literally cut me in half. They work best with heels and as a column of colour. A suit is a column of colour, of course. But if you can't easily break it up, that limits its versatility.

This is one reason I don't own many longer jackets. My pink silk thrifted jacket is probably the longest, boxiest one. You can see it here in Pics 1/2. Obviously, this is not a current style -- the stance is high -- at my waist --- and that effects the overall look. (Note -- this jacket is a petite and the waist is at my waist.) I do understand that. But wouldn't lowering the stance make me look even shorter-legged?

Last year I tried on a Theory jacket. (Pics 3-6) These photos are not great quality and are taken from an angle that distorts proportions, making my legs look shorter than they are (even) -- but general consensus at that time was that this jacket didn't flatter. It definitely wasn't as comfortable as the BR suit.

I'm not sure what this Theory jacket style is. It has two buttons. So it's analogous to the BR jacket in that respect. "Classic" vs. "current."

The latest Gabe 2 jacket only has one button and appears a bit shorter. Maybe it would be better for me? The Lanai is not really an option for me, alas, much as I love it.

I am also wondering how a lower stance jacket will work on me. I do think it's fine on my Zara floral jacket (which is quite short). And I really enjoyed the modern feel of that jacket. I also like my new Zara jacket (one button, slightly lower stance but fitted).

Hmm. New thought. Maybe the placeholder suit, if I want modern, is at Zara? I seem to get a reasonably good fit for the price in their jackets. Not sure about their pants.

One final consideration:

My "real" suit will be navy or charcoal. If I decide to keep a placeholder suit, maybe I'd be better off with black? The reason I say that is that having purged my black jacket, I don't own one. Whereas in addition to this Zara jacquard blue jacket, I own my Ann Taylor military detailed jacket in ink. Would I really need yet another blue jacket? You see what I am saying. Maybe buying the jacket in black would at least give me a wearable black jacket.

On the other hand, I own several black pants. I do not own any blue pants. So there is that to weigh into the balance as well.

In terms of the financial outlay -- I consider the BR suit very reasonably priced at the sale price. I would still be able to justify another suit if it were the right one, but another suit of the same colour? I'm not sure about that. It feels a bit excessive, considering it is a "want" and not "need" item.

If you have read this far, you deserve a medal. Thank you! It's a benefit just to write all of this out. No closer to a decision, but though process clearer.

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