I know we talk about this endlessly, but are you still buying skinnies?

I just tried on a pair of HIGH WAISTED skinnies from 3x1 via JCrew and I am pretty sure I am keeping them, and I am wondering if I am insane. They're really skinny. But they have stretch, and they are super comfortable, and my butt -- for once -- does not look terrible. They are on great sale. DD also approves. As does Garance Dore. (See her related blog post.) I keep thinking -- with my Reiss jacket, with a layered crop over long, with that Karen Millen sweater if it works ....

I've been leaning so heavily on my Nikkis and my Gap BFs and my JCrew matchsticks, and I kind of want something different. But real skinnies. Really?

(I will post pics of the jeans later. Have some work I must do first.)